Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you?

September 11, 2001

I think I was pregnant with my youngest at the time. I had Abby in daycare even though I was home. Not realizing that she should have been in early intervention. The day care people weren't very good with her or nice! I did it because she needed the socialization with kids, I chose the wrong day care center! On this day though, six years back, I took her out. I just remember hugging her all day that day, and just thought..."you're safe here with me." I don't know how I could have kept my miracle baby safe, but she was in my arms, and that was the only thing I cared about. I called my husband who works for Metra. Asked if he was safe, and he was. He didn't know what had happened at the time, and later in the day he called to see how we were. I had a million thoughts swirling in my head. I didn't know what to think. How could we be attacked by terrorists? Hadn't our leaders protected us from that? My thoughts of invincibility went to shreds. My heart ached for those who lost loved ones. I didn't watch the news coverage that day. Abby was three at the time, and seeing people fall to their death was too much for me to bear, much less a three yr old.
Firemen are my heros second to my daughter Abby, and I pray for the families who have lost their sons, daughters, dads, brothers.....
I pray and hope our world is a safer place. With all the madness in it, I doubt it. I stay positive for my daughters however, just as my parents did. That truly is the one thing I am grateful for. My parents staying positive about the world and its madness.
I will keep those lost in the towers on Sept. 11 2001, and all the people who tried to help them. Please if you're reading this, please do the same, and turn on your headlights while driving today.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September Values, and Sales Galore

Good morning to all!

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