Sunday, July 13, 2014


so I am hoping to connect, and network with more bloggers.  Today, I hope I did this right, and will be officially networked with bloglovin.  Off to the play!

Until next time.


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Hello Blogging World!

Blogging.  I must admit I don't do it religiously like I should, like I read that I should.  I even have my daughter Becky blogging sometimes, but she is more interested in playing games on the computer like any twelve year old.  It sure did get complicated.  I have blogged about my online businesses, contests, my family.  Then along came twitter and pinterest.   To me, Twitter was easy enough.  But now pinterest, and I admit my new addiction, makes everything look so complicated.  Add photos, get traffic, network, use the correct font, network, treat blogging as a job.  As a job? 

Don't I already have a job?  Numerous jobs?  Let's see, mom, wife, sister, nurse, friend, mom, mom, head is spinning...   Besides my numerous jobs, my work life is very demanding, and flooded with paperwork I should be doing right now.  

Today, we will be going to my daughter Becky's musical.  Shrek the musical, and the kids did a great job yesterday!  I have some pics of family members who came out to support Becky in the musical, and as soon as I can, I will share some with you.   I am not as techy as most people in the blog world are.  From time to time I have to ask my hubby Chuck to help me. Frustrating for him I know.  Even downloading pictures and files and such has gotten more complicated for me, but I refuse to give up.  

The day is going by quickly, and I have much to learn.  Going to look for those photos I promised you.  Until next time.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

I enjoy my family

Having fun with my family is essential.  My kids keep me very busy.  This summer Abby will be taking some sort of Chinese class to start on Monday or Tuesday, and Becca (pictured above with dad) is in a summer musical next weekend.  The picture above is from Niagra Falls, the America side.  Chuck and I had been there, as well as Abby, but not Becca.  I love this picture.

This year we are staying home, but are having just as much fun.  We went to the taste of Joliet.  When I figure out how to, I will post pictures on fb and some here on my blog.  I had a lot of resistance to go to the taste, but everyone had a great time, including Chuck.

We spent the Fourth of July at the Joliet Mooselodge.  I had to work part of the day, and I'll admit I wasn't sure how this was going to go.  Abby spent the day with friends, and for the first part of the day Becca was swimming at her uncles.  Well, we had a blast, but Becca slept right through them.  It was a big weekend for her.  We had seen the Disney movie, Malificent that night, and it didn't end until midnight.

As for Abby, she didn't miss us much.  She enjoyed her day too.  Of course we had to call and go get her...(well Chuck did)  but all was well..and both are safe at home.

For me, I enjoy finding new stuff on Pinterest, and entering my sweeps.  I enjoy reading and just finished One Deadly Sister.  As you can see, both girls are daddy girls.  Right now at 10:27 in the morning, both are still asleep.  (More bacon for me!!)  To the paperwork, and coffee.

Until next time.