Friday, March 19, 2021

Spring time Sweeps

One of my favorite hobbies is sweepstaking.  I have my own facebook group for this hobby as well.  Over the years I have won some small prizes.  Last Christmas I won a live Christmas tree, which was beautiful.  Recently I won a  Coors onsie.  Below are some of the sweeps I am entering.  Feel free to take a chance and enjoy!! ends 3/31  ends 3/25  ends in 26 days  ends 3/24  ends may 6  ends may 1  ends 3/31$250%20towards%20the%20prize.&share_image=    ends 3/27  ends 3/21  ends 3/31 ends 5/31

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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Packed with Protein!!!

 I am not much of a breakfast person, but I did manage to make breakfast today.  I was pleasantly surprised of how tasty my breakfast burrito turned out.  Below is the recipe.  We are trying to watch our carbs, as hubby is on a special diet.  

6 eggs (made breakfast for 3)

Lucerne shredded jack colby cheese

Hormel bacon bits


Flat out tortillas (below is some info on the flat outs tortilla)

Grease fry pan.  I used 2 pats of butter, but you can use olive oil, pam or what is normally used.

Scramble eggs, mix with milk

as eggs are cooking add cheese, and bacon bits, scramble

after all is cooked add to tortilla

I did not add salt or pepper, it is tasty enough without.

Info on flat outs

they are 60 calories The tortilla I used is with olive oil and sea salt.  7 grams whole grain, 6 grams fiber, and 4 grams protein.  No added sugar.  Eggs are also protein.  So the breakfast is packed with protein.  

Enjoy!  I am not usually an egg eater, but this was delish!

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Bacon and egg skillet

Happy Sunday morning everyone !!!

I finally got a chance, albeit small, to come up for air from work.  I

get to do one of my favorite hobbies, which is writing.  Today, I

got to cook.  Sharing recipes, collecting them, and writing about 

them is what I am going to blog about today.

My take on a bacon and egg skillet.  You have all had these at 

restaurants I'm sure.  They are one of my favorite to go dishes 

when we have the opportunity to eat out.  Below is my recipe.  

Measure according to how many you will cook for.  

Bacon and egg skillet






shredded cheese, your choice

package of simply potatoes, I use the seasoned.

I also use the bacon grease to cook potatoes and scramble eggs.  

Sometimes I will use butter so things don't stick.

Scramble your eggs first, add milk and shredded cheese. Fry your bacon.  Cook the potatoes After everything is cooked, start

chopping your bacon.

After you have chopped your bacon.  Add shredded cheese to 

the top of your cooked scrambled eggs. 

Place eggs in bowl, potatoes and your bacon, YUM!  

You can mix it up, and add tomato, feta cheese, sausage, ham.  

Enjoy, next time I will write about my ham pickle rolls

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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Let's start the new year with a win! Enter these new sweepstakes

 Here are some new sweepstakes to enter.  

Also I must mention February is Heart Month, and congenital heart awareness.  I will be posting in this blog and my other regarding congenital heart defects.  I hope if you have a story you can share it with us!  Have a great month CHD warriors and parents.

And now some new sweeps ends 3/14 ends may 6th win wine ends 4/30  now that's alot of dough, home run inn ends 2/25 phone ends 10/2/21 hair products ends 2/16  earrings, gorgeous ends 2/19 win shoes! ends 2/15 trip to niagra win snacks gym shoes ends 2/28

That is all for now.  

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Friday, December 4, 2020

Screen Time Burnout

Hello Good morning, Afternoon

I have some good tips for you to avoid Screen Time Burn out I saw on Windy City today.  I guess today is world Fridge day too, so clean out those refrigerators.  I know mine will be cleaned out as I am spending time to clean my house.  

Tips for avoiding Screen time burn out in no specific order

1. exercise, take care of yourself

2.  Take a break, take a walk, read. 

3.  Avoid screen time before bed.  I know with my job it is hard because of paperwork

Let's clarify, screen time is computers, tablets, smart phones and tvs.  Anything that has a screen.

4.  get special glasses for blue light

5.  Make your font larger.  

That's what I remember from the show.  Good luck, everything in moderation!  

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Christmas sweeps

I've been sweepstaking on and off for many years.  I started with mail ins and would win some stuff here and there.   Well, now there are tons of sites and sweeps online.  I've decided to share some sweeps with you for Christmas.  In my next post I hope to post 12 days and 25 days of Christmas sweeps. Enjoy!  Most of these you can enter daily.  The culinary site lets you enter their sweeps twice a day. enter daily   Ends 12/20

  Ends 12/31  Ends  12/31  ends 12/24  12/14  12/23   12/14  ends 12/3`   12/28    ends 12/18   ends 12/21               ends 12/31   ends 12/20