Thursday, November 22, 2018

Don't miss these sweeps

Hidey Ho everyone!  I sure do hope you are having a great holiday season.  I have been busy with work, and embarked on a play again this year.  I love my job and I have the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving uninterrupted with my family.  I have my hobby that I enjoy when ever I get a chance, which is sweeping.  Below you will find some of the greatest sweeps I have found.  Enter, enjoy and remember to have fun.  ends in 22 days ends in 8 days  ends 11/2  ends 12/6   ends 11/30  ends 11/30  ends 12/7  ends 11/29  8 days left  11/30/18  only good in these states  UT, ID, NV, CA, WY, OR, AZ  ends 12/12/18  ends in 10 days  ends 11/30  ends 11/30  ends 12/14  ends 12/8/18  winners announced on the 15th and 30th of the month  ends in 12 day  11/718

There will be more to come!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  And please join my group!

Until next time!


Saturday, October 20, 2018

New sweeps for the holidays!!!

Sorry I have been slacking.  Work has been very busy.  I promise to do some serious blogging.  To start I am listing very recent sweeps.  Grab some for the holidays!  Good luck, Get lots of wins!!!  ends in 5 days  ends 11/7 ends 11/9 #NoFailThanksgiving #Sweepstakes  ends 10/31 ends 10/30  12 days left ends 10/28  ends 11/22  ends 11/3  ends 10/26

These are just a few.  I will enter more and list the links.  Enjoy and good luck!  Until next time


Monday, July 23, 2018

Team Nicholas I'm Possible 5K

Team Nicholas I'm Possible 5K: Come out and run the beautiful streets surrounding St. Joe's Park and help raise funds for the Team Nicholas! Get pumped before the race with music and a high-energy warm-up. Great family fun event including a bouncy house, magic and face painting! Don't forget we also have a great raffle and auction!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Close to the end of April Sweeps! Tons!

Have fun entering, Spring is here!  Enjoy, and follow the rest of my posts on this blog!

There are tons of sweeps here!  I will be adding another post for this month because of course 

end of April hasn't reached us yet.  If you want to follow me on twitter I am at @carolesparty  I

am also on fb, my badge is here  You can also follow me on bloglovin, I am under Carole Harris

I also have a google + account for sweeps, simply called Sweeps!  16 days left    8 days left   ends 4/29  ends 6/30   9 weeks left  ends 4/30 enter daily   ends 4/30  ends in 7 mos   ends in 10 weeks  ends may 10th

ttp://  ends in 7 days unsure of end date   8 days left   23 days left  ends 4/26  ends 4/26   2 weeks left  7 days left   7 days left   21 days left  8 days left   11 days left  8 days left  19 days left ends 4/30 ends 5/3 ends 4/30  3 days left  ends may 11th end date unknown 5 days left  until 5/25 ?   8 days left ends last day of month, entry first day of month.  Not sure when it will end all together  16 days left  8 days left  37 days left  4/29  4/30   4/29 20 days left 3 days left  17 days left

Enjoy these sweeps, as I've enjoyed entering and posting.  I also have a fb group for sweeps if 

you'd like to enter.  Here is the link.

Until next time


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Please support the March of Dimes

It stands to reason that I get as many viewers and pledges to this charity since I have been doing this as a teen.  Won't you support my fundraiser and The March of Dimes?

Hello family friends, classmates co workers and face book family. I invited as many people to this very 

important charity. I've been raising funds for march of dimes most of my life. My mother got me interested 
in it as a child, and while she didn't preach, she certainly made it a priority to instill kindness and thinking 

of others in our family. ALOT! I hope you can donate, no matter the amount. Maybe march of dimes is 

new to you, maybe it's not. If you can't donate, I hope you do in the future. No pressure, and thanks in 

advance for reading and donating. I will be doing my virtual walk next weekend. I will continue to raise 

donations until my birthday. It's a goal I'd like to reach.

Go to the link to donate.  If you have any questions you can leave a comment here, or find me on 

facebook.  If you have a twitter account, you can ask me there.  I am at @carolesparty

Until next time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Easy and quick Hamburger soup

For a quick hearty meal fix hamburger soup.  It's so easy, and can be made both with fresh and

frozen foods.  My recipe is below:

2 containers of chicken soup broth/stock (chicken because everyone has been sick)

1 lb of cooked hamburger, ground turkey, pork, 
 or chicken.  

2 8 oz glasses of water

4 stalks cut celery

noodles of any kind, I chose shell rigatoni

1 small package of frozen sweet chile corn

1 small package barbecue sliced carrots.  both of these are the steamed bird eye brand.

4-6 chopped potatoes

No need to season, it's all in there.  Enjoy!  

I will let you know how this tastes on my face book wall later this evening.  In the meantime, if 

cook it.  Leave a comment below and let me know how yours turned out.  Make it your own!

Until next time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


My reviews of the egg yolk cream masks

So I bought some moderately priced face masks from ULTA Beauty shop yesterday.  I wanted to try something other than my Biore charcoal mask.  Price wise, it is about 3-4 more dollars more than you would get from the jewel or other drug store type package one use masks.  I do like those mask prices better.  

The egg yolk mask I tried yesterday was very gooey, which I didn't care for at all!  I understand there has to be some saturation otherwise the sheet would dry out but this was over kill for me.  I did use the extra product and applied to my neck, because there was so much.  There are 2 types of the egg cream mask.  There is the firming and pore tightening mask.  

The firming mask has collagen and egg yolk extract.  In the pore tightening there is vinegar and egg yolk extract.  These masks do have chemicals in it as well.  When I go shopping for mud masks or the like, I will be shopping for a mask with less chemicals, and perhaps more vegan.

Immediately post mask, I noticed my lines softened.  It didn't stay like that all night, but I did notice a brightening of my skin.  I also had a facial yesterday as well.  So perhaps both contributed to this effect.  Pricey for a mask I found too gooey.  However, I am willing to try and buy these on Amazon at a bulk rate and see over time how they do.  I don't agree with all the rave reviews on this mask, and feel that it really is no better than the charcoal Biore or the inexpensive single use drug store masks.  

I will re evaluate these masks in bulk when I am finished with all the other masks I have purchased.

Until next time~~~~~~