Sunday, November 30, 2008

I have a boat load of deals for you I am not sure if clara is going to keep the 20 % off or not, but She has something for everyone!

Here are some awesome gift deals and ways to organize your biz.
Take 10% off using code ATS10 in check out last day dec 1
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Additionally if you like candles, or wax critters, or anything like that
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I know you sell candles, but we have so much more than that

IF you want mineral make up ...Monet minerals has some for us mommies, and now for little girls and look at this deal I have for you!
Check it out, I believe her bogo sale is still on!
BOGO on all individual makeup items.
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A free Large Sample of our brand new shade "Grape Soda"
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To take advantage of our Black Friday Sale:

1. Add your items to the cart (do not add the free items)
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*Only individual makeup items will be doubled.
Offer does not apply to brushes or packaged products.
Offer does apply to the individual containers of Monet Minis.
You may take advantage of the Black Friday Sale and the MVP of the month special.
The free item will be the exact same shade and size as the item ordered.
No substitutions.
No exceptions.
You must use the coupon code to receive the deal. Code will be deactivated when sale ends.

Offer begins November 28, 2008 at 2:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. This is a limited time offer that will end without notice.

Carole Harris

Monday, November 10, 2008

5 Vinez Monkeys: Pledging to buy Mom-Made Gifts this year!

5 Vinez Monkeys: Pledging to buy Mom-Made Gifts this year! Take a look at this great blog! This is a wahm mom and many of you may know her from muib or ning. Check her blog out, and maybe leave her a comment. I also hope we can get angie to do some guest spots at my party spot, caroles party central,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Caroles Market Tips 101

I get asked often the best way to market or advertise. There are tons of places to do it. Many of us have heard the money is in the list. But what about those who don't even know what to do with the list. Are they lost forever. Other than the most important marketing tip, which is word of mouth here are some easy tips to remember.

1. Most marketers, or direct sales people look for the easy classified ads. For these to work well, they must first be written well. Use good grammar, and a spell check if uncertain of anything.

2. Don't use yahoo groups that are primarily spam groups. You'll know these groups when you see them. Chances are you'll get lost in the crowd.

3. Make a schedule for your self. Market one day, advertise and network the next.

4. Follow the rules of the group. If there are certain days a group doesn't do ads, or asks you not to include links, abide by those rules.

5. Help others. You will build your reputation, and at the same time help a new comer to the field.

5. Use pictures in the ad if allowed. Pictures bring the product closer to the audience. It is the next best thing to touching the product. Pictures say a thousand words.

6. Be descriptive about your product, and about yourself. Why should the reader buy your product, and more importantly from you.

These will go a long way in building your relationships, and good luck!


Monday, November 3, 2008

I have opinions

But I am still undecided. So, this is what I definitely decided to do! If someone can convince me, and I mean really convince me without any uncertaintanty of who to vote for, that person will have a prize! That's right I am giving a prize. So we will have a contest. Now this contest IS NOT something for me to gain customers, it is to finally, once and for all help me decide. I am leaning one way, but I KNOW I don't have as much info as I should. I am hoping some of you can help me! Share my blog so I can get plenty of opinions. First let me tell you a little about my self. I am a wahm of 2 beautiful girls, and you can see pics of them here I have been with my husband 17 1/2 years. This June we will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. That's a big accomplishment in this day and age. I have been a nurse for 17 1/2 yrs. I have several online businesses, and blogging is one of my hobbies. I love twitter, myspace, ning and other social networks. I love all my online friends, and they totally ARE the reason I don't go out much. I am registered as an independent, so I can think freely, and instill that belief in my children. I also believe that it is OKAY to change your mind about things. So with that said, HERE IS HOW I WANT YOU TO EXPLAIN YOUR CHOICE TO ME. Explain things to me as if I had an 8th grade education. Make it simple! Tell me what you think of the economic plans, economy and why Senator John McCain or Barack Obama are the right choice. Keep in mind, that any racist, sexist or offensive material will be deleted and reported to your isp. Thank you for your participation. Also, I will be sending the winner of MY CHOICE a candle from creative scentsations, and the link is below.
Creative Scentsations, is a small business owned by Linda Hart. They are soy candles hand poured by Linda, so that means, no candles sitting on the shelf.

I will email the winner on NOVEMBER 5th!!
Thanks for reading

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here's why I don't believe in JOE THE PLUMBER

If Joe the Plumber were really interested in expanding his business, and just like one of us.....why is he on the campaign trail with John McCain. I too once thought I'd vote for McCain, but after seeing this, I am not so sure anymore. Most people I talk to feel McCain is out of touch. I don't feel that JOE THE PLUMBER is any more in touch. Have you seen the pictures of "JOE" signing autographs and such. Don't get me wrong, but now he's coming out with a book? How is that the average "JOE" just trying to make his business work???? "COME on JOE, you sold out to politics for some minutes of fame and money!!!! The truth is, you don't care any more about how we are shaping up, then the politicians do!!!!

If Joe the Plumber were really interested in making change, or even how America is shaping up, or was, he'd be on your doorstep, or mine, asking us how we can better America. Not pulling for one candidate or the other. But because, John McCain mentioned Joe, Joe feels some loyalty I suppose. After all, it got him to meet Barack Obama as well. Aren't we all a little sick of JOE?

Just this nurses opinion. Too bad nurses aren't valued like "Joe the Plumber!"