Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here's why I don't believe in JOE THE PLUMBER

If Joe the Plumber were really interested in expanding his business, and just like one of us.....why is he on the campaign trail with John McCain. I too once thought I'd vote for McCain, but after seeing this, I am not so sure anymore. Most people I talk to feel McCain is out of touch. I don't feel that JOE THE PLUMBER is any more in touch. Have you seen the pictures of "JOE" signing autographs and such. Don't get me wrong, but now he's coming out with a book? How is that the average "JOE" just trying to make his business work???? "COME on JOE, you sold out to politics for some minutes of fame and money!!!! The truth is, you don't care any more about how we are shaping up, then the politicians do!!!!

If Joe the Plumber were really interested in making change, or even how America is shaping up, or was, he'd be on your doorstep, or mine, asking us how we can better America. Not pulling for one candidate or the other. But because, John McCain mentioned Joe, Joe feels some loyalty I suppose. After all, it got him to meet Barack Obama as well. Aren't we all a little sick of JOE?

Just this nurses opinion. Too bad nurses aren't valued like "Joe the Plumber!"


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