Friday, October 31, 2008

It's my year!

Oh yes, hubby took the day off, to sit around. Don't tell him I told you this, because after all HE works. Don't we all. I mean what does he think I do? This is my year to take the girls out trick or treating, and they are really getting into it. They are both witches. Now to give my hubby his due, he did take them to get their costumes, but I did everything else. I made up the 50 treat bags, am helping with beccas party and taking the girls out, and then I work too of course. I hope everyone has a great day. I will take pics! Oh and this year, they finally took decent school pics esp ABBY....she is just gorgeous. Well I will be off soon to the post office. I have to mail things out of course. Till later....Happy Halloween everyone!


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