Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pamper yourself!

Looking for just one order, any size I can stay active! also looking for online party hostesses. This is some of the most awesome makeup! Let's schedule your party today! I'm going to be ordering! Are you? Makeup, jewelry, bags! Treat yourself for Valentines

Free shipping with $25 and over!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do you want to earn top dollar with your biz? Now you can!

Now you can with Beautiful Divas. Beautiful divas has given their consultants a way to earn money for the month of February. Join as a consultant for $25, and recruit. You get money back. If you sign up five consultants, you've made $125!!!! Do you know 5 ladies who would like to start a mineral makeup biz, and make money. Just think, even if you only sign up 3, you've made you money back! If you sign up less then 5 consultants, then you make $10 each consultant. Any way you sign them up you make money, all February. Beautiful divas has awesome technology in the way they make their minerals. Minerals! Makeup that doesn't clog your pores as you put them on your face. Makeup that looks natural and is good for you. We have botanical and baked minerals. We have eyeliner and mascara, made naturally so it goes on smoothly, non irritating, and soft. We also have private label, whole sale and create your own minerals. Our eye shadows, and mini mint lipglosses are natural and easy on your pocket book. My customers are satisified with their mineral makeup from Beautiful divas and you will be too! We also have purses and affordable jewelry. Do your face and your pocket book a faveor, and join Beautiful divas today. Make money, use the makeup, and have fun!

If you join, or buy, please let me know so I can follow up on things to make a smooth transaction. We do have a free affiliate join up, but you will not earn money by recruiting this way. Money is only earned on consultant sign ups, and only for the month of February. The cost again to sign up is $25. Buy or join I'd love to have you.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

A leading role, and a serenade

I have two little performers. Actresses, drama queens, attention seekers, what ever you want to call them, they certainly love to be the center of attention. My oldest actress just got the lead role in her little play, and she is playing old king cole. It should be fun, and I'll try to get video on it on my blog. Even though Abby has learning disabilities, she did greating with her stage direction, acting, and inflection of her lines. One of the moms even made a comment on how well she did. We'll see how things go. Becky and Abby were both in the musical last summer, and both want to do the musical this summer as well this year. I'm glad both have found this creative outlet.
Becky, my very loving 6 yr old, just burst out into song before I started writing this blog. I have never seen such creativity....Oh the action around here! Just remember my two budding actresses ten years from now, you never know! I get told at least ten times a day by Becky that she loves me. I'll keep you updated on rehearsals and all the fun we are having in this acting workshop! Don't forget about my giveaway, only a few days left!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms Network

Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms Network

Let's have heart giveaway

This is for you heart moms and kids. I am looking for donors, but I also need heart moms and kids too to give the goodies away to! I have a few, but I want this to be an annual thing. Let's give heart giveaway is about giving back to the chd community. I know what it is like to be a heart mom, I have Abby. Abby has HLHS. So I am asking heart moms to contact me by leaving a comment in my blog to be entered in my givewaway. MAKE sure you leave contact info, so I can give you your goodies. My blog is ONLY for congenital heart defect families.

Also I have moms that I am friends with online that want to donate gently used closed to heart moms in need. If you are, let me know by messaging me or leaving a comment in my blog!

Donations for the giveaway will get a button on my blog I am really excited about this. If you know of any businesses, or are a rep for something and would like to donate let me know. Also some of my ladies who are donating prizes want to know, what is it heart moms and kids would like for National CHD day. Feel free to leave a message at cafe mom, my email, ning, my space or any way. Thanks so much heart moms for all you do! You are truly heros!

Carole Harris

mom/nurse/heart mom to abby 10 yo, HLHS

writer, blogger, social media networker

Prizes will be given away during the week of Feb 7th through 14th, and I will be following up to make sure everything goes smoothly!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Awards Awards!!!

Who doesn't like to be recognized. I was given this award by my very dear friend Brandy Tanner. She is a very optimistic person, and a good online friend. I thank you Brandy for such a lovely thought. So without further adieu, here are the rules!

#1 You must link back to the person you received the award from.
#2 You have to nominate 10 bloggers who are deserving of this award!

So the following bloggers have earned the "When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade Award" {in no particular order}:

1.) Patty Dooley

2.) Pam Brechlin

3.) Lisa Brioct

4.) Cindy Shepherd

5.) Vicki Green

6.) Shannon Miller

7.) Melanie A.

8.) Michelle Steiner

9.) Lacy Brand

10.) Sara Looker

All of these wonderful ladies bring something unique and fun everyday to my life. They make me think, laugh, giggle, cry and wonder what life is all about. Each has a unique talent and wahm business that I feel are shared with us through their own style of writings. Some just have their lives to share with us, and for that I am grateful. Some have two blogs, so check that out as well, for the second blog may be of more interest to you. And thank you again to Brandy Tanner for giving me this award in the first place. If you don't know who Brandy is, she is someone I think you should KNOW!!! I have so many more blogging friends throughout the net, and I wish I could give out more. Until tomorrow! Have a good Sunday!

Your blogging friend.


Saturday, January 17, 2009



Caroles Candle Contest!!!

Alright! Since everyone is doing it....why not me. I have the perfect contest too! For the winner, I will give some Jelly bean tarts to celebrate my first contest. I am thinking...maybe two sets, or jelly bean tarts and some cupped tarts. If you like tarts this is the contest for you. Now these tarts are hand poured and I love keeping this woman busy.

A little about the company: All of our products are hand made with the finest ingredients. We use the maximum amount of fragrance oils allowed so you receive a highly scented creation. Each creation is individually hand crafted so no two are ever exactly alike.

Our gourmet bakery candles look and smell like they just came out of the oven. Each piece of fruit is individually scented so you get a highly scented and beautiful realistic looking product..

We also offer many alternatives to burning candles such as our smelly jellies, wax dipped scented air fresheners, electric & battery tealight candles, fresh made potpourri, fixins, tarts, as well as many decorative scented products.

We will constantly be adding new creations & many are unique & one of a kind that may be available for only a limited time so please check back often.

If you are looking for something we don't have on our website feel free to email us to see if we can make it for you. Custom & Special orders are welcome here.

I have been with Creative Scentsations since inception, and Linda Hart is great. I will keep this contest open until Jan 25th! At which time I will choose the winner by Make sure you leave me your contact info! Here are the rules

1.) Tweet about this post, one entry
2.) Follow my blog, one entry
3.) Comment daily on it until contest ends, 3 entries
4.) Subscribe to my blog, 3 entries
5.) Subscribe and comment on my blog until the contest ends 4 entries
6.) Email two friends about this blog 4 entries
7.) Visit Creative Scentsations, and tell me your fav item 5 entries
8.) Become an affiliate, hostess or wholesaler because you just KNOW it is the business of 2009 10 entries

Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave your contact info!

I will also be having a contest on my wordpress blog


Thanks for reading.


Uncle Kenny, Uncle Kenny

Yes, he's arrived. Uncle Kenny has come to Joliet Illinois, and Becky couldn't be happier. Just days ago both my daughters in tears as their social lives began to crumble because of the cold weather. No roller skating, no band concert. The world looked pretty grim to a certain six and ten year old. But wait, a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel!! Their Uncle Kenny had come in from Arizona to visit. The Harris family had a bunch of January birthdays to celebrate. So all day Friday, what did Becca talk about? "Her Uncle Kenny of course! When she wasn't watching cartoons, playing/wrestling with Abby, or playing on the computer, just one man was on her mind, and this time, it wasn't daddy.

Chuck called at 5:30 cst, our inlaws wanted to invite us over for dinner. OH MY! Did he know? Did he know that Uncle Kenny wouldn't get a moments rest from his beautiful blonde neice? (Yes she's beautiful...LOL) And not a moment of peace is right. Right off the bat, both girls told their Uncle Kenny of their boyfriend (real or imagined), and the poor man. He ate with a 6 yr old, non stop talking to him about EVERYTHING. We will see Uncle Kenny on Sunday to celebrate birthdays. I'm sure Becca is going to have plenty to talk about.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We come to you

Everyoone loves candles and it is so easy to host a party with our unique hand poured, hand crafted soy candles. We come to you, and we have so much more than candles. All of our products are hand made with the finest ingredients. We use the maximum amount of fragrance oils allowed so you receive a highly scented creation. Each creation is individually hand crafted so no two are ever exactly alike.

Our gourmet bakery candles look and smell like they just came out of the oven. Each piece of fruit is individually scented so you get a highly scented and beautiful realistic looking product..

We also offer many alternatives to burning candles such as our smelly jellies, wax dipped scented air fresheners, electric & battery tealight candles, fresh made potpourri, fixins, tarts, as well as many decorative scented products.

Host a home party and get rewards, such as great smelling candles, wax critters or smellie jellies. I come to you. Invite your friends. These items make great Valentines day or mothers day gifts.
(for home parties, you need to be in the state of Illinois, and close to me preferably)

If you're not interested in hostessing a home party, think of an online party or both. Why not get something for yourself. Check out our site!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Come join us

Let the party begin! Help Carla Carey earn her goodies. We are gonna have a blast! Amongst the many things we are doing Monday, please help Carla earn with She only needs $50 in sales! Or book off her party! Or make a purchase. Carla will be hostessing at 12p, so make it there. Bring your friends. I will keep her party open until Jan 26, so you can make sure to get your man something for valentines.

I need vendors for 11:30, 1 and 1:30 cst

We will have Vitamark at 12:30 cst

and the Scented tub at 2 cst

slots are $2 per slot or $7 for 7. Have a great week.

Also we are having a free 1 hour meet and greet with stop swap and shop. So if you have free auctions or free yardsales, or have instock items...come on and auction, swap or shop. NO BUSINESS LINKS and please no products our vendors sell, and this includes products that are included in our hostessed spot at NOON.
Looking forward to networking and meeting you all!
the place for shopping, advertising, ghost writing for biz ads (very low), ONLINE VENDOR PARTIES!!! We also have freebies, and biz ops. Come for the shopping, stay for the fun!
Blog roll with me!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I hate hearing that word in any context, but I especially hate it with my job. I am an agency nurse, and in this economy must be the worst job to have. It's a job mind you, kind of like construction. But it is hard, and we do struggle. Hospitals pad their staffing, which is why alot of agency nurses get cancelled. I have been waiting for our state nursing organization to step up and help out agency nurses. After all their motto used to be helping every nurse. But after supporting Blago, and reading their last newspaper, with every other business, the only way an agency nurse will get noticed is if she pays dues. She "might" get noticed and heard. Don't get me wrong...I'm all for nursing organizations, but I don't feel Illinois Nurses Association represents or can represent EVERY nurse. So what's a lone agency nurse to do. Other than have multiple agencies and maybe a side job, not much. Agency nurses don't have it easy as some might think. Just my thoughts for today.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Group appreciation night

Group appreciation night.

I am having my very first one tomorrow! 5 to 9 cst click on caroles party central. NOW, I am having one for the groups in Diva within and Iemporium. That's just the way it happened. If I don't get enough vendors from both groups, and you want to present, please come. Also, please come if you want to learn about online parties. You all said you did, that's why you are here. I look forward to networking with you all. Also, if you do home parties, take a look at our home parties group! Have a great day.

Again the link for our party tomorrow is click on caroles party central!

The groups that are allowed to participate in the group appreciation party, are from diva within, learn how to party online, and online vendor parties at Iemporium. My other groups, and ning networks will have a separate group appreciation night. It is free for ALL to attend.

Carole Harris

I need to know by tonight if you would like to be a presenter friday night. I have 3 people interested. If you don't respond, the slots go to whoever wants them when they show up on a first come first serve basis. I don't know when I'll be able to do this again, but I'd really like to help all those that want it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's 2009 and I don't want you to

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Carole Harris

My little food critic

This is just one of those stories, you will tell again and again. It's one of those stories you tell when your child is in their 20's, or starts cooking as a teen. It's laughable, I hope it will bring every mom laughing, because it is just too cute. So here goes. We were watching "The Iron Chef" on food network. I would say it is one of our favorites shows, and I wasn't a big fan at first, now I am. I decided to use my mixes I had in the cabinet, and use the left over ham for soup. I made split pea ham, basil beer bread (with sprite) and sugar free chocolate cheese cake. Well, if you've seen the show you know there are three judges. They all critic the different dishes, and who is glued to the t.v. My six year old Becca loves the show. So my first course (and only), split pea soup with bread. I am eating in front of my computer and watching, and she says, "Momma the soup has a little too much pea in it" LMAO...if you've ever watched the show it was funny, because a judge will say something like, "you have this, or a little too much of that" Well it was funny to this mom, my little food critic. It was funny because, a little too much "pea"? It's pea soup!!! I hope that gave you a little giggle. And oh yes, Ms, Becca has already started planning her 7th birthday. That is in March! KIDS!

Thanks for reading.