Saturday, January 3, 2009

My little food critic

This is just one of those stories, you will tell again and again. It's one of those stories you tell when your child is in their 20's, or starts cooking as a teen. It's laughable, I hope it will bring every mom laughing, because it is just too cute. So here goes. We were watching "The Iron Chef" on food network. I would say it is one of our favorites shows, and I wasn't a big fan at first, now I am. I decided to use my mixes I had in the cabinet, and use the left over ham for soup. I made split pea ham, basil beer bread (with sprite) and sugar free chocolate cheese cake. Well, if you've seen the show you know there are three judges. They all critic the different dishes, and who is glued to the t.v. My six year old Becca loves the show. So my first course (and only), split pea soup with bread. I am eating in front of my computer and watching, and she says, "Momma the soup has a little too much pea in it" LMAO...if you've ever watched the show it was funny, because a judge will say something like, "you have this, or a little too much of that" Well it was funny to this mom, my little food critic. It was funny because, a little too much "pea"? It's pea soup!!! I hope that gave you a little giggle. And oh yes, Ms, Becca has already started planning her 7th birthday. That is in March! KIDS!

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Brandy said...

That sounds like my 6 y/o Kiara! How cute!!! Thanks for sharing! And planning her birthday party...girls! lol My daughter will be 7 in October so I have a lil bit of time before she does the planning (I HOPE).

Alison Du Bois said...

So cute! Becca sounds adorable!

pam said...

I hate it when you pea soup has too much pea.

Too cute.