Thursday, January 15, 2009

We come to you

Everyoone loves candles and it is so easy to host a party with our unique hand poured, hand crafted soy candles. We come to you, and we have so much more than candles. All of our products are hand made with the finest ingredients. We use the maximum amount of fragrance oils allowed so you receive a highly scented creation. Each creation is individually hand crafted so no two are ever exactly alike.

Our gourmet bakery candles look and smell like they just came out of the oven. Each piece of fruit is individually scented so you get a highly scented and beautiful realistic looking product..

We also offer many alternatives to burning candles such as our smelly jellies, wax dipped scented air fresheners, electric & battery tealight candles, fresh made potpourri, fixins, tarts, as well as many decorative scented products.

Host a home party and get rewards, such as great smelling candles, wax critters or smellie jellies. I come to you. Invite your friends. These items make great Valentines day or mothers day gifts.
(for home parties, you need to be in the state of Illinois, and close to me preferably)

If you're not interested in hostessing a home party, think of an online party or both. Why not get something for yourself. Check out our site!


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LisaLisa said...

Ohhhh the gourmet bakery candles looks and smells so good. I have purchased them before and what a delight. As some one who truly loves candles I could place one in every area of my home!!