Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's 2009 and I don't want you to

miss out! If you are looking for a new company to join this year
please consider joining these:


We have everything, kids soaps, jewelry, pet stuff, candles, decor,
purses and greeting cakes. There's more, Today is the last day to
join for free!

Of course if you don't want to join, you can always make a purchase
and get a free magazine subscription. Buy or sell I'd love to have

Monet minerals
We are on my space, and merchant circle,
and I also have a personal my space!

Please consider joining this mineral makeup company. It's easy to
manage with the low shipping cost, and fast shipping as well. Rachel
Solace keeps her consultants well informed.

Get 75% off your first purchase, a free compact and more, join today!

Any questions, please Im me or email me at

Carole Harris


The Kozy Nook said...

Hi Carole,

Does the affiliate program include the cake mixes?

The Kozy Nook

DJane said...

Stopping by to say Happy New Year!

{Don't forget to SHINE in 2009}

Marla Ellis said...

Hello my friend I had a great holiday.. and loooking forward to the new year... I am here to wish you a wonderful New Year, may all of your Dreams come true in 2009...

Talk to you soon,

Brandy said...

Happy New Year Carole! Love this post! Kudos & good luck with recruiting!