Sunday, January 11, 2009

Come join us

Let the party begin! Help Carla Carey earn her goodies. We are gonna have a blast! Amongst the many things we are doing Monday, please help Carla earn with She only needs $50 in sales! Or book off her party! Or make a purchase. Carla will be hostessing at 12p, so make it there. Bring your friends. I will keep her party open until Jan 26, so you can make sure to get your man something for valentines.

I need vendors for 11:30, 1 and 1:30 cst

We will have Vitamark at 12:30 cst

and the Scented tub at 2 cst

slots are $2 per slot or $7 for 7. Have a great week.

Also we are having a free 1 hour meet and greet with stop swap and shop. So if you have free auctions or free yardsales, or have instock items...come on and auction, swap or shop. NO BUSINESS LINKS and please no products our vendors sell, and this includes products that are included in our hostessed spot at NOON.
Looking forward to networking and meeting you all!
the place for shopping, advertising, ghost writing for biz ads (very low), ONLINE VENDOR PARTIES!!! We also have freebies, and biz ops. Come for the shopping, stay for the fun!
Blog roll with me!


BrandyEllen said...

Oh I hope I can find some extra cash to help out Miss Carla! I have been MIA in the online party scene but hope to make a come back soon! ((HUGS))

The Muse said...

Hello there! Awww...I just had to quickly grab a moment and tell you how great it was to hear from you!!
Your comment gets us one step closer!! Thank you sooo much !

Here is a site that may help you find some good strong blog support :

i am off to a meeting but i hope to get back and read more of your posts!

thanks again for all that you do :)

Debbie @ said...

Good Luck to Carla