Saturday, January 10, 2009


I hate hearing that word in any context, but I especially hate it with my job. I am an agency nurse, and in this economy must be the worst job to have. It's a job mind you, kind of like construction. But it is hard, and we do struggle. Hospitals pad their staffing, which is why alot of agency nurses get cancelled. I have been waiting for our state nursing organization to step up and help out agency nurses. After all their motto used to be helping every nurse. But after supporting Blago, and reading their last newspaper, with every other business, the only way an agency nurse will get noticed is if she pays dues. She "might" get noticed and heard. Don't get me wrong...I'm all for nursing organizations, but I don't feel Illinois Nurses Association represents or can represent EVERY nurse. So what's a lone agency nurse to do. Other than have multiple agencies and maybe a side job, not much. Agency nurses don't have it easy as some might think. Just my thoughts for today.

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pam said...

Wow, I hate to hear that. My sister is a nurse in Michigan, and the system there is so different from what we know in Ontario. I hope things work out for you.