Saturday, January 17, 2009

Uncle Kenny, Uncle Kenny

Yes, he's arrived. Uncle Kenny has come to Joliet Illinois, and Becky couldn't be happier. Just days ago both my daughters in tears as their social lives began to crumble because of the cold weather. No roller skating, no band concert. The world looked pretty grim to a certain six and ten year old. But wait, a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel!! Their Uncle Kenny had come in from Arizona to visit. The Harris family had a bunch of January birthdays to celebrate. So all day Friday, what did Becca talk about? "Her Uncle Kenny of course! When she wasn't watching cartoons, playing/wrestling with Abby, or playing on the computer, just one man was on her mind, and this time, it wasn't daddy.

Chuck called at 5:30 cst, our inlaws wanted to invite us over for dinner. OH MY! Did he know? Did he know that Uncle Kenny wouldn't get a moments rest from his beautiful blonde neice? (Yes she's beautiful...LOL) And not a moment of peace is right. Right off the bat, both girls told their Uncle Kenny of their boyfriend (real or imagined), and the poor man. He ate with a 6 yr old, non stop talking to him about EVERYTHING. We will see Uncle Kenny on Sunday to celebrate birthdays. I'm sure Becca is going to have plenty to talk about.

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