Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Social networks

Before I begin to tell about my big decision. I wanted to talk a little about social networking. I have found alot of friends this way, and have made a few business partners. I will list my favorites right now.
Apsense is a great network, with thousands of people exchanging businesses and ideas. I love it.
Yuwie is all the rage as well. Yuwie is like myspace, but is a little bit in that you get paid to view pages, blog, upload pictures, chat and just hange out!

Yuwie is a lot of fun for me, and I spend alot of time there. One thing I like about yuwie is chatting with people from places like New Zealand and Sweden. Try them, test them out, and then tell me how it went for you.

Three others is just for us moms. One I do post occasionally at is JOINING MOMS. It is a great place for business minded moms. The site is very easy to navigate.
here is my banner, and each referral I believe pays you a dollar.


Definitely a plus for the business oriented woman.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My big decision part 3

Okay, so I have an interview on Monday, August 27th to be a school health aid. I wasn't expecting the phone call Friday to come for an interview even though they had said they would be interviewing. I hadn't even finished filling out the school application! So, because the state of Illinois requires more education for school nurses. I have looked at two colleges, and have already applied for one scholarship. It wasn't for much, but I figure every bit will help since I am returning to school, which is very expensive! So now I have another decision as well. There are two colleges that offer school nurse programs. One is online and the other is a campus program. Both offer financial aid, and one is more reputable than the other. UIC, I've heard of, and as far as I know is more reputable. UIC is the online program. I will have to check with the school to see if they will accept a cert. from an online program. Until Monday!

Thanks for reading.


Friday, August 17, 2007

My big decision Part deux

Well, I am half way finished with my application for the school district. I need to look up my referrals. The link I was originally given, didn't work, and the details online pertain to teachers, so I am not sure my online app will even get looked at. With this fear in hand, I emailed the insurance company I was trying to get a job with. They are investigating some part time work for me. So I made some kind of decision and spoke to my husband. I will take the part time insurance work, and part time home health. And I will also go to school part time to be a school nurse. Also clean and manage my house, manage my businesses, help my daughters with school work, and if extra money is needed do agency nursing on the weekend. The title of my blog is My bizzy world isn't it. Have a great weekend.

What a disappointment

So entering the blogging world is not going to be as easy as I thought. I thought I was getting up to date things, and being techy, so I thought I would join technorati. I just got an email from a customer service rep saying that my blog is nothing more than a bunch of websites. Excuse me???? I have plenty of posts about my life on here. He obviously saw my business posts, and that was that. It's a shame...I belong to alot of networks...If these people want promotion, perhaps they should read a little. Not a happy camper right now!


Hello world!
Good afternoon! Well today I am supposed to work the grave yard shift as a real live nurse in an ICU setting! So let's see if the shift holds up, and I actually work. I still have my new job dilemma and will post more on that after the weekend.

I have decided to join technorati on the recommendation of an apsense networking buddy, so I can get my blog more exposure! I also want to eventually get yahoo or google ads on here, but that is down the road I guess. If anyone reading this knows how I can get google ads, please let me know, because I have been turned down once. Okay, now for my link to technorati.

Technorati Profile

I hope this works!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcome to my Creative Scentsations page. I also have a website that I will be adding images too, but I wanted to try this. Please check out the main site as there are always new items added. These candles are hand poured by the owner, no sitting on shelves for days, weeks and years. We have smelly jellies, air freshners, tarts, chunk tarts, tart warmers, grubby votives and tapers, electric candles and more! This is a great company as Linda Hart is very active with her business. This is a free business to join, no quotas, minimums, no required inventory! Learn from Linda and get marketing tips from other reps! Fundraising for your groups available. This candles look and smell good enough to eat! Buy or Sell I'd love to have you. Leave a comment for any questions! Thanks for stopping by!
Here is the main site for Creativescentsations
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My big decision

I don't know what I am going to do. I wanted to write this down, rather type. I am right in the middle of a vendor fair, folding laundry, and wracked with a decision of what to do about a job! I have plenty of offers. I have home health nurse aps on my piano waiting to be filled out. I have one home health agency ready to hire me, and I have the school wanting me to fill out an app. Now there is no guarentee that I will get the school job, especially when in Illinois you have to have a certificate 73. Without that, the pay is not that great! It is above minimum wage. Good! I went to college a long time for my degree! I am now thinking of getting my certificate, but it will be over 3,000 dollars to do it. The benefits of being a school nurse are of course what ever benefits the district has to offer. What to do....
I will let you know what I decide. Until then, have a great week!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Time to Party

Good afternoon everyone! I know I am getting this out late, but it's been a busy week. I do hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I have several fairs going on these 2 days at It is a back to school frenzy. So when you go to the site, look for back to school frenzy and go into the chat. I will not be able to make the early down the trodden path as I had planned and notified the owner. I have family things I need to attend to...but I will be there at 7:30 central time today, and for tomorrow, I will be doing Simply Tempted which has a bogo sale going on. That is at 3:30 tomorrow, and at 4 pm central KNK boutique, get that someone special sterling silver jewelry! Down the trodden path has a 2 critter for 1 price.
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Thanks for reading
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My wonderful husband

Yep, he really is a good guy. My teeth are hurting bad, and he is on vacation. I am using this time to do some job hunting, and he is great. I am in such pain with my teeth, and he offered up his appt. so I could get my teeth looked at. How many people would do that? He's great...I'm lucky. Bye for now...just had to give him kudos!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

When they grow up

Well my two daughters Abby and Becky were up late tonight. Becky was up late because she slept through dinner. I too took a nap in preparation for work tonight. Alas they have cancelled me again. I don't get it. My boss can place 100 nurses work throughout Chicagoland, yet she can't find me work. This blog entry however is about my daughters because they are on my mind tonight, despite the snoring of my husband. And this must be said....recently he has been very supportive...gotta love that!

So my lovely daughters...I am quite sad at the fact that my daughter Rebecca will be starting kindergarten. Don't get me wrong, I want her to succeed..but she is my becca, my friend, my companion, my everything. Much like Abby was when she was little. And I'm not saying Becca doesn't need something else besides mommy because she does! She can get very clingy, and of course, each thinks I am paying more attention to the other sibling. Ah sisterly love. Nothing quite like it, and Abby is quite the mother hen! I had my very good friend watch them the other day when I went to go see about a job....*S*...and yep, got the report on Abby...Bossy!

Well hopefully when she gets older she'll be a good boss! Abby will be in the third grade and is in special ed. I made her do an addition sheet, and she was none too happy. Neither of them believe they should do school work in the summer. Well, if I could believe they got quality education in Joliet, they wouldn't have to. Unfortunately to date, I don't believe they learn enough in the classroom. So yes, I do worry about when they grow up.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Summer Sales! Great Steals and Deals

Good evening everyone!
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Carole Harris

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