Saturday, August 25, 2007

My big decision part 3

Okay, so I have an interview on Monday, August 27th to be a school health aid. I wasn't expecting the phone call Friday to come for an interview even though they had said they would be interviewing. I hadn't even finished filling out the school application! So, because the state of Illinois requires more education for school nurses. I have looked at two colleges, and have already applied for one scholarship. It wasn't for much, but I figure every bit will help since I am returning to school, which is very expensive! So now I have another decision as well. There are two colleges that offer school nurse programs. One is online and the other is a campus program. Both offer financial aid, and one is more reputable than the other. UIC, I've heard of, and as far as I know is more reputable. UIC is the online program. I will have to check with the school to see if they will accept a cert. from an online program. Until Monday!

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