Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Social networks

Before I begin to tell about my big decision. I wanted to talk a little about social networking. I have found alot of friends this way, and have made a few business partners. I will list my favorites right now.
Apsense is a great network, with thousands of people exchanging businesses and ideas. I love it.
Yuwie is all the rage as well. Yuwie is like myspace, but is a little bit in that you get paid to view pages, blog, upload pictures, chat and just hange out!

Yuwie is a lot of fun for me, and I spend alot of time there. One thing I like about yuwie is chatting with people from places like New Zealand and Sweden. Try them, test them out, and then tell me how it went for you.

Three others is just for us moms. One I do post occasionally at is JOINING MOMS. It is a great place for business minded moms. The site is very easy to navigate.
here is my banner, and each referral I believe pays you a dollar.


Definitely a plus for the business oriented woman.

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Have you reviewed Music and Business social networking ?