Sunday, August 5, 2007

When they grow up

Well my two daughters Abby and Becky were up late tonight. Becky was up late because she slept through dinner. I too took a nap in preparation for work tonight. Alas they have cancelled me again. I don't get it. My boss can place 100 nurses work throughout Chicagoland, yet she can't find me work. This blog entry however is about my daughters because they are on my mind tonight, despite the snoring of my husband. And this must be said....recently he has been very supportive...gotta love that!

So my lovely daughters...I am quite sad at the fact that my daughter Rebecca will be starting kindergarten. Don't get me wrong, I want her to succeed..but she is my becca, my friend, my companion, my everything. Much like Abby was when she was little. And I'm not saying Becca doesn't need something else besides mommy because she does! She can get very clingy, and of course, each thinks I am paying more attention to the other sibling. Ah sisterly love. Nothing quite like it, and Abby is quite the mother hen! I had my very good friend watch them the other day when I went to go see about a job....*S*...and yep, got the report on Abby...Bossy!

Well hopefully when she gets older she'll be a good boss! Abby will be in the third grade and is in special ed. I made her do an addition sheet, and she was none too happy. Neither of them believe they should do school work in the summer. Well, if I could believe they got quality education in Joliet, they wouldn't have to. Unfortunately to date, I don't believe they learn enough in the classroom. So yes, I do worry about when they grow up.

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