Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday sales!

We are having a Cyber Monday Sale. Two sales are in progress. Sale 1 - Get 10% off purchases $10 (Code: CYBER10) or more. Sale 2 - Get 25% off purchases $25 or more (Code: CYBER25). Purchases will also be entered to receive a free gift drawn on Tuesday November 30.

We at barefoot books still have quite a sale. Today is the last day for 20% off. Use code HARVEST and we also have free shipping for orders 60 dollars and over. Also every book you purchase barefoot books will donate a book to a school.

At monet minerals we are having a $1 sale on samples

Check out monet minerals today! It's Cyber Monday!
$1 Large Samples! 1g of product in a 5g jar. Please write your shade selections in the comments section during checkout. While supplies last

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And lastly
Longabergers has awesome pottery, baskets, apparel and dips....please check out all our sales

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Visit a small business this Saturday! Come Join us!

Please join us for a Letters by Design on Saturday November 27, @7 pm, @ caroles party central. Come and support a small business. The party is hostessed by Kim Beranek. Help her earn some great things for her holiday celebration this year! go to

and click on caroles party central!
Hope to see you there!
thanks so much!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Letters by design party

It's on small business remember us truly small businesses!

Time Saturday, November 27 · 7:00pm - 8:00pm


Letters By Design


Created By Kim Beranek


More Info Letters By Design!! Please visit

These items would make great gifts too!

Stylish and fashionable journals, address books, file totes & folders, stationary set, note sets and cards, gifts, kid stuff, locked diaries, recipe books and decor.
LBD evens offers custom imprinting!

If you like what you see and you want to order something for yourself or as a gift.

Please contact Kim at


Join us at Carole's Home Biz Express on November 27 at 7:00 pm.

to talk about Letters By Design, place your order and party. I will be offering a prize for an "On Time Drawing"

Hope to see you there

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hostessing a candle party for a friend

Whenever I hostess one of these there never seems to be anyone that wants to buy! I know the economy, but hopefully someone needs a gift or two. Please take a look below!

boy is it dead or what? How about helping me out with a party I'm hostessing for amy linson.

enter code12347 to order. and thanks so much!

Until next time

Monday, November 15, 2010

Please help me with my quota

I only need 25 dollars in sales! can you help me out. we sell more than
candles. We have smelly jellies, bath and body, tarts, wax critters and more!
We have great gifts for the family, to here now!

Having an online or offline party will help too, but it must be soon! If you
have an online party for me, I will give you 20% off something and we will go
from there!

Carole Harris

Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Friday!

Please book your black friday event with us. Stiff competition out there and you may not get a spot if you wait too long. My prices are amongst the cheapest. A free 10 min spot somewhere will not get you a sale. Slots are from 3 to 10 cst every helf hour. only for $5 . IM ME NOW.

Carole Harris

Ten reasons to choose Caroles Party Central for Black Friday!

1.) We are well known. We advertisie on yim, face book, twitter, ning,

2) We were the leaders in vendor parties for 2 straight years, everyone knew Caroles' and still do.

3.) We do print advertising as well, and send out biz cards. We don't inundate our party goers or customers with newsletters so they tire of us. We don't bombard our customers with alot of emails or nag at them.

4.) We network with our collegues who also do parties and have their sites on our website. This is constantly changing.

5) Our spots are 1/2 hour because we know you can't effectively market or sell your product in 10 mins. We KNOW people walk away from the computer, that's why we give you that 1/2 hour, so you don't loose out on that recruit.

6.) We are a mompack member, and offer to help when we can.

7.) We offer free advertising as prizes, and give out many more prizes as well.

8.) We offer guidances to newbies who have never done an online party before without making them feel awkward or shunned.

9.) We make it affordable and enjoyable.

10.) We've been doing it for 3 plus years. We want wahms to be able to promote their businesses, without putting a huge hole in their pocket book. After all they have xmas shopping to do too!

carole harris

Friday, November 5, 2010

Is it my duty/obligation or MY CHOICE?

I say it is MY CHOICE. To vote that is. I realize that many have suffered and won for women to vote. But it is still my choice of whether or not to vote. I came from a large voting family. Republican or Democrat, or what ever you were, you voted. Not me, in fact, I didn't register to vote until I was 26. Yep, I was that jaded. I hadn't seen many of the politicians do much of anything besides talk, and REALLY couldn't see what I could do to help.

Well then I became a nurse, and got involved in my union, so I needed to be involved in politics. Met my husband who at that time was a Republican. A Republican!

Since then I have become an Independent, as is my husband. Alot of time has gone by, and in the Era of BLAGO and the like, I vowed never to put another criminal in office. Now I know all those who say it is my dare I! But how are we to know who is criminal and who isn't. I've always said Hollywood bought the race for the president. Whether that is true or not I don't know. It sure seems like it though. Alot of hollywooders campaigned hard for President obama.

Getting back to the topic at hand. What I do feel is my obligation is to keep the criminals out of office. So is not voting the answer? I don't know. And do I have the right to complain, since I didn't vote. I think I do. There is still a first ammendment. I don't complain much anyway. To be truthful...unless a huge meteor crashes into the earth, I don't see much hope for a better economy. I'm sorry but there is no fix or cure all. We all live above our means, whether we want to admit it or not. Obama or any other president will not fix the mess we are to say we won at any election at any point, is in my opinion a mute point.

Unless we can get on the right track, and things improve, jobs, growth, spending, smaller government, no one wins. Fix the homeless, domestic/elder/child abuse. Fix illiteracy. Fix the schools, quit arguing...and DO something. Until the politicians do. I am not voting. That's what I am doing.

Until next time.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Candidates, and politicians alike

I'm seeing it all over. The I did it. I voted. I'm seeing this all over facebook and on blogs. I must tell the truth. I didn't vote, and have no plans to. I did my part. I listened to the town meetings over the phone, Kirk was one. I went to the parades and met some of you politicians, Aj wilhelmi and cedra crenshaw. I read the adverts, and watched the tv ads. I even participated in the marketing surveys in hoping I'd understand what it was YOU were going to do in office.

The only thing I understood, was that YOU, the candidate, the non politician, the accountant, the honest guy, told me absolutely NOTHING. So why should I put you in office. It is my right to gripe whether or not I voted. Freedom of speech is what they call it. I will NOT put another criminal in office. Or anyone I think or deem is a criminal any way. Juries can be tampered with, and NO ONE speaks up before billions of dollars are wasted. Well I won't do it. Give me an honest and I mean HONEST soccer mom, and then we'll talk.

I mean listen up candidates, who else knows how to balance a business, entertaining for the hoiidays and special occasions, homework, doctors and dentists for everyone, bills, tv, movies, pets, and clean a house? WHO? and I truly hope you didn't say DAD.

Now that the rest of my collegues have done their best in trying to put the correct person in office....can you please quit with the phone calls. I mean really, if telemarketers bug us, the majority, what gives you the right?

Until next time


Wish me luck!

In my quest to improve my writing, I've done few reviews and entered few contests. Well, I'm entering a doozy of one today. I'm going to rough draft it first of course because I want to win. Ten tips, that's all I need to give is 10 tips. My miracle is 12 yrs old, you would think I could give more, but we will see. Wish me luck and be sure to tune in to my blog where I'll be giving new moms 10 tips to keep their newborns healthy. It's been a while but I think I can remember how I did things.