Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Friday!

Please book your black friday event with us. Stiff competition out there and you may not get a spot if you wait too long. My prices are amongst the cheapest. A free 10 min spot somewhere will not get you a sale. Slots are from 3 to 10 cst every helf hour. only for $5 . IM ME NOW.

Carole Harris

Ten reasons to choose Caroles Party Central for Black Friday!

1.) We are well known. We advertisie on yim, face book, twitter, ning,

2) We were the leaders in vendor parties for 2 straight years, everyone knew Caroles' and still do.

3.) We do print advertising as well, and send out biz cards. We don't inundate our party goers or customers with newsletters so they tire of us. We don't bombard our customers with alot of emails or nag at them.

4.) We network with our collegues who also do parties and have their sites on our website. This is constantly changing.

5) Our spots are 1/2 hour because we know you can't effectively market or sell your product in 10 mins. We KNOW people walk away from the computer, that's why we give you that 1/2 hour, so you don't loose out on that recruit.

6.) We are a mompack member, and offer to help when we can.

7.) We offer free advertising as prizes, and give out many more prizes as well.

8.) We offer guidances to newbies who have never done an online party before without making them feel awkward or shunned.

9.) We make it affordable and enjoyable.

10.) We've been doing it for 3 plus years. We want wahms to be able to promote their businesses, without putting a huge hole in their pocket book. After all they have xmas shopping to do too!

carole harris

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