Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Candidates, and politicians alike

I'm seeing it all over. The I did it. I voted. I'm seeing this all over facebook and on blogs. I must tell the truth. I didn't vote, and have no plans to. I did my part. I listened to the town meetings over the phone, Kirk was one. I went to the parades and met some of you politicians, Aj wilhelmi and cedra crenshaw. I read the adverts, and watched the tv ads. I even participated in the marketing surveys in hoping I'd understand what it was YOU were going to do in office.

The only thing I understood, was that YOU, the candidate, the non politician, the accountant, the honest guy, told me absolutely NOTHING. So why should I put you in office. It is my right to gripe whether or not I voted. Freedom of speech is what they call it. I will NOT put another criminal in office. Or anyone I think or deem is a criminal any way. Juries can be tampered with, and NO ONE speaks up before billions of dollars are wasted. Well I won't do it. Give me an honest and I mean HONEST soccer mom, and then we'll talk.

I mean listen up candidates, who else knows how to balance a business, entertaining for the hoiidays and special occasions, homework, doctors and dentists for everyone, bills, tv, movies, pets, and clean a house? WHO? and I truly hope you didn't say DAD.

Now that the rest of my collegues have done their best in trying to put the correct person in office....can you please quit with the phone calls. I mean really, if telemarketers bug us, the majority, what gives you the right?

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