Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why I am really starting to hate shopping groups

I joined this yahoo shopping group at the request of an online friend. It essentially was supposed to boost sales for us all. Despite my husbands pleas to drop out, I stayed due to a loyalty of these online acquaintances. As life happens, my friend had several life crisis at hand and could not manage the group. Before she had to give up the group, she allowed two new consultants in. These two new consultants have done nothing but complain about the group since day 1. Then one of these new consultants decides to ask if we are going to stay and asks for suggestions. When I write to the group and state that I do intend on leaving, her and her friend belittle me, and tell me how unfair I am to leave. Really? It is my decision, and this is the very reason why I don't like these kinds of groups. I want to move my businesses ahead, not bicker with other consultants on whether or not I am being fair. I don't need to be belittled in a yahoo group. I don't want to be in a group of bickering consultants, in my opinion, that is not a POSITIVE force in my life. I love interacting with people, POSITIVELY. Constant complaining about how things are run, is not a positive force, and to be honest, I don't want any part of that.
As humans, it is our nature, and as women, to criticize ...sometimes...but constantly.
I was the very first consultant for which people were to buy from. I sat patiently waiting for my next turn, knowing full well, it may never come. Yet I never said a word. That is called profesionalism. It is to be expected. It is where I want to take myself and my businesses. It is where I want my friends to be.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Learning new things today!

Technorati Profile

Some of the things I am experimenting with today are blog directories, and sites like stumbled upon and technorati. I had visited these sites in the past and haven't done much with them. I am hoping to drive more traffic to my blog sites. I am really working on alot of stuff, and will be working offline too to promote my sites and businesses

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Thursday, May 1, 2008


That's the best term to describe it I think. I had to take my oldest out of her special ed class, and put her into another. And even though she is having trouble fitting in, the main reason she was taken out was because she was not doing well at all. WELL yesterday she came home with some great grade, and BEAMED from ear to ear! Accomplishment...yes, my daughter did need to see that she could do well on some things, and not just scolded for bad behaviour. Why I didn't remove her earlier, I really don't know I only hope she can keep things going! We all have issues, and seeing my daughter have a rough time with things is not easy! I had forgotten how truly mean kids could be. We are working on alot me and my daughters...but for my oldest to finally see the letter "A" on her papers....that is THE accomplishment she has been striving for!