Monday, June 21, 2010

The Aristocrats

That's my daughters next play. They rehearsed one of the songs today, or just learned it. Such a great bunch of directors and the kids are so gung ho! There are 27 kids this summer. I think the record count was 40 one summer. Some new and old faces. Nice to see our Brenda return and our pianist. Both are very busy all year round anyway I am sure. I don't think our main director has even sat down from the Wizard of Oz yet. We have 4 more performances for that play. I was supposed to be in a play, but I don't think I'll get my big chance just yet. I hate to bug our director. It's so menial, and my way to stardom can wait. LMAO. I'll take some pics when the girls are dancing. I'm going to try and have the whole 2 hours off from work, but it may not be that way all the time. Until later.


Product Reviews

Good morning from hot humid Illinois! It's been quite rainy and gloomy here recently.
It is summer though, and with summer there is swimming, beach parties, plays outside, picnics, fun and plenty of SUN.

In saying that I will be reviewing a product for neutorgena. It is a sunblock. I haven't been outside much. Right now it is very very dark outside....I wonder if there is a thunderstorm warning.

In any case the product I am reviewing is: Neutrogena, Ultra Sheer liquid helioplex
daily sunblock. It is 70 spf, weightless liquid formula and is waterproof.

Disclaimer I am doing this product review without any monetary donations from Neutrogena or any other company.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oz time is getting closer!

It's so funny! I never thought my husband would enjoy doing what he is doing. But he does. Chuck is a stage hand, handy man, jack of all trades at the play. He's into it. He loves doing it, and even bought the makeup for their play. Of course, I have to apply it. I am so proud of my three! I can't wait for the play. Abby and Chuck are thinking about voice lessons for Abby, and Becca still wants to learn the piano. I can help her with some, but other than that, she needs to go to the instructor. Ah girls after my own heart. Abby also wants to do soccer camp, and basketball camp.

Becca will be going to after school activities for about a month, which I hope includes SOME tutoring. I have to find new tutors for the girls, as I will work with them too, but it just is a better situation with someone else. If you are in the Illinois, Joliet area, come see the Wizard of OZ!!!!

see you soon


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a new month, and so much has happened!

Rebecca made her first communion, and Abby will be going into jr. high next year. My girls are growing up! I'm not nearly ready for it. Becca loves farmville, and loves to help me harvest my crops. We are still planning a vacation, just not sure when. That is because the girls are always busy with something. We recently had cousin Karen here for the memorial day weekend. The girls went swimming. Work has been really good for us. We've been able to get to our debts, I just hope it keeps that way for a while. We all got our first summer colds. Abby also got her bike stolen. That makes 2 bikes stolen out of our yard, Chuck wants to move to a bigger house.

School is out in just a few days! The girls are in the Wizard of oz, and Abby has two parts. She also was in the talent show at school. So busy!

They will be in plays in the summer also, but not sure what. Well off to work and school.

Until next time.