Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oz time is getting closer!

It's so funny! I never thought my husband would enjoy doing what he is doing. But he does. Chuck is a stage hand, handy man, jack of all trades at the play. He's into it. He loves doing it, and even bought the makeup for their play. Of course, I have to apply it. I am so proud of my three! I can't wait for the play. Abby and Chuck are thinking about voice lessons for Abby, and Becca still wants to learn the piano. I can help her with some, but other than that, she needs to go to the instructor. Ah girls after my own heart. Abby also wants to do soccer camp, and basketball camp.

Becca will be going to after school activities for about a month, which I hope includes SOME tutoring. I have to find new tutors for the girls, as I will work with them too, but it just is a better situation with someone else. If you are in the Illinois, Joliet area, come see the Wizard of OZ!!!!

see you soon


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