Saturday, January 24, 2009

A leading role, and a serenade

I have two little performers. Actresses, drama queens, attention seekers, what ever you want to call them, they certainly love to be the center of attention. My oldest actress just got the lead role in her little play, and she is playing old king cole. It should be fun, and I'll try to get video on it on my blog. Even though Abby has learning disabilities, she did greating with her stage direction, acting, and inflection of her lines. One of the moms even made a comment on how well she did. We'll see how things go. Becky and Abby were both in the musical last summer, and both want to do the musical this summer as well this year. I'm glad both have found this creative outlet.
Becky, my very loving 6 yr old, just burst out into song before I started writing this blog. I have never seen such creativity....Oh the action around here! Just remember my two budding actresses ten years from now, you never know! I get told at least ten times a day by Becky that she loves me. I'll keep you updated on rehearsals and all the fun we are having in this acting workshop! Don't forget about my giveaway, only a few days left!

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The Kozy Nook said...

Enjoyed reading your post. It brought back memories of my two sons when they were little. My oldest son has a beautifully vibrant voice. He had to lay down his dreams of becoming a recording artist due to family obligations. My youngest son plays piano, guitar and drums. He currently plays for various churches whenever he is invited. He hopes to play in his home church when an opening becomes available. You are such a wonderful mother to listen, observe and encourage your little girls. The life lessons they are learning while performing in summer musicals will last a lifetime.

Barb said...

I'm a bit of a drama queen myself, only about 40 years older than your six year old. I love watching kids get excited about the stage, whether it's behind the scenes or directly on. Sounds like both your girls have discovered early the joys of theater. BTW - I noticed that you became a follower of my first blog, hope * coffee * melody. Thank you. You're my first follower that doesn't personally know me; I feel honored that someone actually enjoyed my first blog note enough to want to become a follower. Thank you. -- Barb