Sunday, December 28, 2008

My opinions of wahms products and reviews

First I will give my opinions on these three products. I say my opinions because these companies did not know I reviewed products, nor did they give me permission to do so. However, I did buy these products, this is my blog, so I'm giving my opinion.

Peddlers kitchen

I bought 2 items from Peddlers Kitchen, the salsa mix, and tortilla soup.

Both were way to spicy for even me, how ever, I had a solution to that. I would like to commend Peddlers Kitchen for the ease of putting the recipes together. As a busy mom, networker, nurse, I love easy quick meals. Peddlers kitchen was affordable as well.
To solve the spiciness of my situation with the soup, I added more water to the soup, when that did work, I added less than 1/2 cup of water to my bowl. Very tasty, and the soup will go a long way. Packaged it doesn't look like there will be enough ingredients, but believe me, this soup is hearty, in my opinion. I like the tortilla chips Gina Langley chose for her soup. If there's anything I had is having soggy chips or crackers right off the bat in a soup.

Salsa mix
Again, very spicy, but I added another can of plain diced tomatoes to the mix. Still spicy for me, but the kids ate it up, and loved it. In my opinion, neither mix is for the faint of heart. If you like your food bland, you won't like this. However, if you like spice, this is for you.

I am not sure of the peddlers kitchen url, but give me some time, I will post here later.

Product Reviews


I won a Mineralicious grapefruit scrub from the owner Chelle Barnett at an online vendor party. This was several months ago and I still have plenty scrub left. Chelle packages it nicely. Upon opening the scrub, the fragrance is very nice and not overpowering. It looks waxy, but lathers very nicely, and you do feel like it is cleaning your skin. The granules she uses for the scrub do not scratch or irritate like some scrubs can. I will definitely be forward to the products at Mineralicious even though I sell for two other mineral makeup companies!

Jordan Essentials
clay mask
I got this from Kelly Wood who is a Jordan Essentials representative. This scrub is creamy and thick, and you just know it is doing it's job. Easy to rinse off and doesn't cake on like some scrubs can. Kelly offers excellent customer service to her customers. I will definitely be shopping with Kelly again.

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