Saturday, December 6, 2008

Looking for biz partners and sales

I'm usually not home on Saturdays and so usually don't do this...but what the heck, here goes...Have a warm great Saturday, I am going to be busy after my morning coffee!

who ever emails me and lets me know about anyone who would be interested in the following: will get a freebie from that company, my email is here are the companies.


all are low cost or free to join. Looking for team members or sales, have them email me at for 5 for any of the above

Also looking for vendors and shoppers for MONDAY, you can also email me, it is 2.00 a slot! It's a vendor party from 10 to 2 cst, and also friday 6 to 10 cst.

Thanks so much!

Carole Harris

Make sure if you get someone interested to email in the above companies they tell me YOU sent them!

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