Saturday, December 20, 2008

Carole I don't get any sales at vendor parties.

REALLY??? Maybe because I haven't seen you at any vendor parties!!!! If you've said this to me...chances are I haven't. Granted there are alot more sites open now then there were 1 1/2 yrs ago, but let me tell you about last night. Yesterday, I had NO ONE come to my networking chat, that is another type of party....But then my good friend Kelly Wood had a party at her site, and at one I got a recruit. Then later in the evening she decides to have another party. I got another recruit and a sale at that one. 2 different businesses, 2 different times. How did I do it? I made myself visible, accessible. My presentations were, short, simple, concise. No bogged down by alot of techinical language. NOW, there are times when you need some of that language, but in my instance you didn't. It's also important to know WHAT type of online party you are having. Is it an online party where anything goes, does the owner want to spot light his or her biz, is it a hostessed event? You know or get to know these things by first visiting the site of the chat room. Get to know the owner, and make an attempt or introduction of yourself to that owner. Then you will know that owners ways and means and how he or she operates.

In todays world, a chat site isn't for several vendors anymore. Often times that site owner wants to showcase his or her business, so you do have to be careful. Make sure you know what you are walking into, and use proper etiquette. If you are not sure about what you can post in public on a chat site, find out how to private message the owner or moderators of the site. Most sites the moderators are fill ins, they are NOT the decision makers, so it is always best to check with the owner whenever possible.

If you are at a multi vendor fair, and want to sign up for a slot, don't interrupt the main stream of things if possible. Pm or the owner or mod and ask in that fashion. As always back selling is not acceptable in any form. Ask yourself this. If I make out a script for my candle business and put time into it, would I want someone to be pming their sales to everyone in the chat. If your answer is NO, and it should be, then don't do it to someone else. Lastly, think outside the box, if you are not getting sales in a vendor party, how else can you market your biz. Did you know you can do your own conference calls. You can even announce this in your party. This is a sure way to get some people interested, and even if it is one person, you have a captive audience. I will have more info on online vendor parties. Let me know what you think about this information won't you? Thanks for reading!

One more thing. If you don't know Kelly Wood in this group, get to know her!


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Busy Mama said...

I love this post, very informative for the newbie to online parties! Kelly Wood is amazing, I agree. I would love to attend a networking chat with you soon, Missed your last one but I would love to attend another one. Keep me posted!!