Monday, January 14, 2008

Vendor parties

Definitely a way to get your business noticed! Vendor online parties. Cool inexpensive and fun!

Here is just one party tomorrow!

Party spots available. 1.50/slot with free ebook of your choice or 10 spots for 5. I have Monday slots during the day wide open so please go to I do alot of advertising through yahoo, google, msn. I have new people coming to my parties all the time, and yes people coming interested in buying and looking for gifts. I never fill up my room just to make it look busy, the vendors who do come know me and we all interact very well! so come on by, and have a ball. Valentines is just around the corner. Monday parties are from 11 am cst to 4 csst. I have a group of vendors that work together with me, and if my slots fill up and you book with them, I will give you a gift. So please look at these two sites! for Mondays 11 a to 4 p cstFridays 6 pm cst to 10 cstand for all other schedules http://www.thedivaspartyplaces.2ya.comthanks for considering me and my friends!Carole Harris

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