Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Echo Jars fit perfectly in The Mineral Case!

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The Mineral Case is the sleek new Mineral Makeup organizer and travel case you've been waiting for. Sized just right for small spaces, The Mineral Case is the effortless way to store, tote, and organize Mineral Makeup, loose powders, shadows and more.

* Measures 6" x 11" x 31/4"

* Secures makeup for travel

* Reduces countertop clutter
* Saves time, minimizes spills
* Each case holds up to 18 jars
* Multiple cases stack gracefully

* Wipes clean with a damp cloth

* Displays colors for easy selection
* Fits in a tote, briefcase, or suitcase
* Stores in a drawer, cabinet, or closet

* Organizes jars in a sturdy, elegant case
* Available in chocolate brown or chic black

* Holds Monet Minerals and other brands' jars!

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* While designed to hold 8 of our 30g jars, 9 of our 10g jars and 1 5g jar, The Mineral Case is flexible: You can store most smaller makeup jars securely in the larger compartments.

* The Mineral Case lid can be left unlocked for easy lift off at home.
* Use the lid as a sturdy pedastal to display your colors beautifully.
* The Mineral Case stacks gracefully, and is also compact enough to hide away in a vanity drawer, cabinet, or closet shelf.

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Tips from The Mineral Case

* Just beginning with a Small Collection? Try tucking your brushes pencils or between or next to the rows or along the side. Use several empty spaces in a row for wands, tubes, what have you!

* Try Color Coding your Collections: For example, use The Mineral Case in Chocolate Brown for Every Day, and Chic Black for Evening Glamour or Special Occasion Collections.

The Mineral Case is part of our May Monthly Special--Click here for ordering information.

A closer look inside:

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The clear jars shown are our standard Monet Minerals jars. The jars with black lids are our new Echo jars and they fit more snugly in the case.

Please go to my website to see pictures!

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