Tuesday, September 15, 2009



It's been a while since I've written an On my mind note. The vendor chat sites are so competitive it's really getting quite nasty. So I thought I would write a little something about what is on my mind. For those that don't know, I've had vendor parties on Fridays for over 2 yrs. Yahoo blasts started with vendor parties in order to get people to come to these parties. (just a little background) When the owners of the sites became familiar with each other, they were professional and courteous as to NOT have parties on the same nights as others. This served all well, and many had a blast. It then grew into a monster...everyone wanted to make money and do vendor parties. So then came party hopping.

Party hopping is where potential customers, buyers, and other vendors were in more than one party room. This served well because it provided people the ability to see more sales and do more networking.

Zoom to 2009....Suddenly for some free sites party hopping is a problem. For the record, I do not see it as a problem. Those with restrictive party room policies only hurt themselves. For me to tell a customer where she/he can go to purchase or network in my opinion is unfair, and borders on being unamerican. I mean who am I to tell you where you can go??? The only steadfast rules I have at caroles party central is 1)be courteous, kind, and professional to all. 2) interuppt as little as possible 3) no back selling 4) pay all vendors 5) change name in fair if asked, and if not you will be banned for protection against hackers and anyone else. 6) be on time, and pay on time 7) stay for at least one presentation before or after yours. 8) if you promise a prize as a vendor, it is up to you to make sure your winners get your prize. If they do not get it, you will not be allowed to present in my room until prize is received. I will never tell you, that as a customer or friend you can't be in more than one chat. Sure arguments can be made, but I really feel we are all adults, and should be allowed to go shop where, when and with whom we want. Party hopping doesn't necessarily mean people aren't paying attention, according to its critics. People step away from their computers for a variety of reasons, and necessarily because they are in multiple chat rooms. YOU can not MAKE SURE people are paying attention or guarentee sales no matter what my critics may say. This was just on my mind. Feel free to give me your opinion or not. Have fun partying everyone, and don't forget Caroles Party Central.



Dana said...

Good morning. This was not something I would be mad at. It is on your mind...bless you for being FREE to say it. I encourage you, though, not to worry about what people say; they do not have a heaven or hell to put you in. Keep doing business as YOU know it and they will keep doing business as THEY know it.

Spa Girl Parties By Jamie said...

Carole, I too see no reason for restricting others. It's called variety shopping. I enjoyed reading your post!

Marla said...

Hello Carole,

I totally agree with what you have said, I am not into the vendor thing as much as I was. But I do like to stay around the chat rooms, where the vendors are nice and courteous...

Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog about Karren's earrings, I love working with her, she is such a great lady...