Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What scent am I?????

Finally a question worth exploring! This question was raised by the folks at Downy and Twitter moms. What scent describes me?? I have two that come to mind. I love pumpkin! I have pumpkin candles around in my home, and pumpkin sachets. I think it's the perfect scent to describe the fall season. The second scent that describes me is my all time favorite, lavender. I love that two. It's girlie, soft, smells great. I love it in my bath, candles, as as air freshner. I could never be both combined. I'm not sure it would smell all that great. So separately, depending on my mood, I think I am both. I would say also that both are sort of free spirit fragrances or scents, which sometimes describes my attitude.

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Snowberry Creek said...

Hmmm...interesting question. I will have to think on that one a bit. I like Autumn Harvest, Blackberry Sage and Basil Sage Mint. As these are earthy scents...nature's bounty so to speak...maybe that's what I am, although not all together...yuck. Guess, it would depend on my mood. I love Autumn Harvest for the fall...spicy pumpkin scent.

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