Sunday, January 17, 2010

Have you tried Monet Minerals Yet?

Have you tried monet minerals yet? It's mineral makeup that's good for your skin. Anyone that makes a purchase of 10 dollars or more, I will chip in a free lip balm, but you must tell me!

we have awesome specials, just click on the tab! Let me know you purchased....I am also looking for party hostesses!

Why should you buy Mineral makeup? Because it is gentle on your skin, doesn't clog your pores, and no expiration date. It has soothing actions for your skin.

We at Monet minerals have low cost samples, so you can try a little at a very low price. We also have a preteen line, and skin care line. My favorite product is the mud mask. Give us a try!

Carole Harris


Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

Following from MBC. you can find me blogging here:

Joe @ 20 to Life said...

I think the Monet Minerals sound pretty good, and as I have a "skin" condition (well, really a whole body condition - it's Lupus) this might be for me!
I'm now following you, I read your post on MBC - so if this is a follow you, follow me thing then I'm at
If not - I'm glad I found you're blog because thats one more product I know about now that could help me - Thanks!
Joe @ 20 to Life