Sunday, September 26, 2010

Try Monet Minerals, buy or join, I'd love to have you!

Join my team!
Become a Mineral Consultant with Monet Minerals and enjoy the following:
No minimums

No monthly fees

No inventory to carry

25% commission to start

5% commission on 1st-level downline members

Monthly commission payments (made via Paypal)

60% off of your first personal makeup purchase

Sophisticated Back Office system

NEW - 4 Small Samples of your choice!


Free personalized website like this:

Your name and website included on the receipts of your clients' orders

Consultant support including Yahoo Group, Message Board, etc.

All of this for a small one-time enrollment fee of $10

10 Piece Small Sample Set
10 Small Samples of your choice. Write-in shade selections during checkout. A $20 value. All this for just $12!!!!

--5 Piece Large Sample Set
5 Large Samples of your choice. Write-in shade names during checkout. A $25 value! Set is only 18 dollars and would make a great gift for any woman or teen!

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