Sunday, October 26, 2014

Living life as a Diabetic and Asthmatic

It's hard being a home health nurse and a diabetic. The reason is because, inevitably, as I educate diabetics that are my patients I will get asked, "And what was your blood sugar today. As I type I haven't checked my blood sugar, today is my only day off. Admittedly I don't eat the best because I am on the road. I do eat healthy at home. It is hard being on the road, and it is just as hard to change your diet. I am improving last HGBAIC was 7.4 For diabetics the goal is to be under 7 and more around 6 or 5 if possible. My goal is to get off this medicine. I have been on medicine my whole life. I have been as asthmatic for 49 years, and a patient for almost as long. It's a long road, but I am still here, and blessed with two beautiful daughters and a husband. I plan to post more on how to manage these two crippling diseases in hopes of reaching out and helping others. If you've been reading my blog, I am also a book reviewer, and I occasionally post giveaways. A girl has to have some fun!!!!

Be careful asthmatics, this is the time where your asthma can flare up.  I mention asthmatics, but anyone with a respiratory illness be careful as the weather changes.  Weather changes are a trigger for asthmatics, but can be triggers for those with Copd as well.

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