Sunday, November 30, 2014

My bizzy life over the holidays!!

So This Holiday brings all kinds of fun for us! I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my immediate family, minus some family members. I made a dish that flopped, but Abbys chocolate pretzels were the bomb! We all had a great time. Then the next day, we had a get together with some of our friends for game night. If you saw my husband, you would have thought I didn't feed him. Chuck and I were famished, and the girls had a blast! It was a lot of fun, and I can't thank Jennifer and Tom enough. These two are kind enough to have a few get togethers in their home for our club will county women. So then, my husband goes to the store because we didn't make our own turkey. He got a nice turkey, and with the assistance of our youngest, we will have a turkey dinner. I love turkey!! The left overs are amazing.. You can make turkey sandwiches, soup, turkey salad. I'm sure there are a plethora of other ideas which I can find on pinterest. Last night, we went to my brothers again because my nephew came in from Louisiana with his girlfriend. Another great get together. Of course I had to get home and do housework, and good intentions of doing paper work. That never happened. (the paperwork) I was bushed, I had worked and then went to the get together. I still have housework, and need to get to the gym today. And I need to get the Christmas presents to the inlaws so the snoopy snoops don't look at everything they got. Yes, even at their age! Until next time!!! Carole

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