Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Bah Humbug????!!!

Well as far as I know, my family is a bunch of bah HUMBUGS!!! We don't have our Christmas tree or lights up yet. I have a few decorations up but not many....not many! I do have quite a bit of shopping to do, and I probably will do some this week and next.

 My family Christmas party is next Saturday, and I am still not ready for that. I don't suppose we will be staying long since Chuck is having gallbladder issues. He has his appointment the 15th, so I don't know when his surgery will be. I hope it won't interfere too much with the holidays.

 Eating is a challenge for me as the whole right of my mouth aches. It is temperature sensitive, and it really really hurts. Sometimes it doesn't pay to eat. My oldest daughter Abby, will have a heart monitor on for one month. She has been getting dizzy alot so hopefully this will give us some much needed data. She isn't thrilled but we need to rule some things out. I will write more about Abby in my other blog for all you heart moms.

 I am grateful for all the new people I have met on facebook, especially the heart moms, and also those on Twitter.

 Anyone who knows me, knows I love homemade dishes for my family and I am a recipe nut, so pass on those recipes! I also have a new work out buddy, and that would be my youngest daughter Becky. We work out at Planet Fitness together when I am not absolutely exhausted. I am going to try and go more often. Sometimes this is hard with work and trying to keep things organized and clean. That is what I should be doing more of. cleaning. That is hard when I work 6 days a week. I do love my job, but it is very demanding. I wish I was more crafty, maybe some day. So to relax I do a few things, one of which is book reviews. Currently I am reading one of James Pattersons' books and a book by Chris Birdy called The girl in Red Pajamas. Stay tuned for the review. I also love to clip coupons from time to time. I don't get to do that often either. I walk my dog for relaxation, and today is quite rainy, but we will go for a walk.

 We still have leaves all over the place. I am hoping it is good for our grass! So I am hearing!

 Last night we had a great game night with friends. Some day I will have game night here. It will be a long long long while, but I will have one. At least I am hoping to have one. Just as my husband is hoping to have his lazy boys in the basement. Name not intended to be any kind of pun of course! Well, I best get back to work getting this house straightened up for the holidays. May your Christmas and New Year be all that you dreamed! Keep dreaming, and Merry Christmas!

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I did not know you were still blogging. We met somewhere on the internet. So hope all the family is well. God bless you for keeping up with it all.