Thursday, March 17, 2016


Here they are, my two daughters. I will have a 14 year old tomorrow, 3/18/02. I always tell people with small kids not to blink. It's true, all the bad times, if I could take them back, I would. Life is too short and I miss my little girls being little. Now here comes the real hard work, if it wasn't hard enough. Life lessons, check, got them, and plenty of them too! Right now Abby is in Ball room dancing class, and Becca is home sick with hand foot and mouth disease. Yes, she is too old for that, but they are seeing it older and older I guess. Becca starts high school next year, while Abby will be a senior. Not sure I am ready for either advancement, but what choice do I have? Abby got approved for her wish from make a wish Super excited for her about that! I have embarked on to two new jobs. Home health can be a real racket! It will slow down just enough for me to get this house is somewhat shape, then off to vacations. We will go to Washington this year, and may go where somewhere later in the year. I didn't vote in this years primary election. I am torn, and unsure of what is to become of our country. I don't like most of the candidates. I won't vote for Hilary because she's a woman, and I won't vote for trump because he is wealthy. Who to vote for. ah well.......I will blog in my other blog about abbys' progress with HLHS. new developments. Have a good St. Patts day! Until next time. carole

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