Saturday, May 21, 2016

MY how time flies

Yes, my how time flies!  My girls are 17, and 14.  Abby and Becky respectively, and I never blinked and now they are teens!  I miss the babies of course, but I am too old now to have babies, and can wait another ten yrs for grand babies.  

Becky will graduate 8th grade next week, and it gets me dizzy just thinking about their futures.  And it's true, the worrying never ends, especially with girls.  I am not sure how much moms of boys worry, but in today's world, I worry about my girls among many other things.

So this weekend, we are going to have a teen party before the summer revs up.  The teen party will include lots of springtime/summertime cleaning.  If I can get Becky to do any. When they were little, (and this is one of my favorite stories)  Becky would insist that Abby was the bigger slob.  Soon after, the girls got their own rooms.  Needless to say, Abby wasn't the biggest slob.  Even to this day, Abby is not the bigger slob.  Becky is still young, so I have time to instill the virtues of a cleaner room.  

Last night, Becky had her 8th grade dance, and told us of a boy she liked.  Well, this was the first I had heard of it.  And of course, all the girls were wearing dresses, except for BECKY!  I was at work, and Abby had tried to get my 14 yr old to wear a dress, but alas, had failed.  Becky felt that wearing a bracelet and having a purse was good enough for her.  UGH!  Well there is Thursday, I do have that.  I think I scheduled dental appointments that I will have to rearrange yet again.  No fun there.  

Right now all is well in the house at 4:30 am with Chucks' cpap mask squeaking.  Chuck is the girls confidante and hears all things they are afraid to tell mom.  Which of course is all things that evade grounding and any kind of punishment, and of course boys it seems.  Well, the summer is long, and next year I will have two high schoo
lers.  We shall see how that fares out.

and I am busy reading a book to review, so stay tuned for that.  my plans are to get busy with my blog, so I may post some delicious recipes that I have tried.  My next entry will be that.  Until next time~~~


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