Sunday, June 5, 2016

YOUR life can change in seconds!!

It can change in seconds, which is why I don't understand we as moms and dads have to play the blame game. A bump on a childs head, abuse. Bruises on a childs body, abuse. We as parents judge far too quickly, unfairly and unjustly. We cast stones when we shouldn't. So now authorities want to investigate the parents whose child fell into Harambes' enclosure. First, some facts of a real problem in our nation. A report for child abuse is called in every 10 seconds. 3.6 MILLION reports are made to child protective services a year. If you add multiple children, that amount equals 6.6 million children a year. These statistics come from the link is here. Here it is: my opinion. I've clogged up facebook and twitter enough. I think we should stop judging the parents. The dad wasn't even there, and there are facebook posts blaming him for something he couldn't prevent in the first place. Parents of children know that things can happen in an instant, seconds! They like to explore, play games, some toddlers even think taking off and hiding is a game for the mom or dad. They don't know. Things happen, end of story! Should the enclosure allowed for a 3-4 yr old to slip through, no. Is it the zoo keepers fault or the mom. No, the mom was at the zoo, she was nearby, not getting a latte. My opinion, if this were YOUR kid, (meaning the reader) you would think differently, and want to be judged less harshly. We are imperfect human things, and things happen to our kids. No matter how much we try to prevent them. So, should the enclosure have been made better? Obviously, the child got through it. Science, research, technology will always be there. We did not LOOSE the research, rather we gained a lesson we can all learn from, and begin new research. We can research how we can anticipate accidents like this from happening, and make it a much more safer world for animal and child. We can educate more, learn more, enjoy more. I know I had more to say, but for right now, this is enough. We really do need to stop throwing stones at each other.

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