Saturday, January 7, 2017

My 100 day commitment

So as most of you know, we went to Disney world, and did alot of walking.  At least Becky and I did.  Abby was in a wheelchair, in which we pushed her, and Chuck in a motorized chair.  Abby didn't and wouldn't have the endurance to do all the parks because of her heart defect, and Chuck has arthritis in both hips so bad he just couldn't.  He did walk some, which actually is very good for him and his arthritis.  Believe it or not.

We think we lost weight.  I don't know for sure but we think we did.  On that note, I have decided that I am going to commit myself to 100 days in the gym!  I am committed.  What do I have to loose?  Hopefully weight, right?  I was inspired by a gal on facebook, and figured if she could do it, so could I.  After all, I managed Disney World.  So, today, January 7th will be my 2nd day in a row at the gym.  I will keep you informed and may include a pic and/or video.  If I can figure that out.

Until next time.


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