Friday, July 28, 2017

My blogging daughter

Hello blogging world!  I just looked at my daughters blog  It has many punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes.  However, I do not want to discourage my beautiful girl.  She is determined to make her mark in this world, be an engineer, conquer the world.  What mom wouldn't be happy with that?  Certainly not this mom!

This is Becky, who is 15 and wants to be an engineer.  Abby, my oldest is 18 and will be going to Joliet Junior College.   She told me she is "grown"  How many of you have heard this  I am going to try and post more pictures of my "grown"  kids.  How come I can't get my "grown" kids to clean their rooms?

Now this is Abby with my two nieces, Katie and Samantha.  Brings back good memories.   They also told me they were "grown" at Abbys' ages.
3 beautiful girls here.

This was a couple years ago, when Becca was in the gnome play!  She was on the front page of our local newspaper, The Herald.   You can keep up with her blog, and it is called Becky bloggers.  I have a blog about Abby too  I haven't blogged in it in a long time, but I will catch up

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