Sunday, September 17, 2017

My review of Baked Ziti:

Well my family ate the hell out of this meal.  I paired it with sauteed zucchini and tomatoes.  It

could have been better.  My sauce did not come out like it should.  I don't know if I need to 

add less fluid or not.  Maybe read the instructions better.

Next time it will be better!  It is a filling casserole, and I definitely needed more cheese.  It

needed more flavor for me.  So I think I will make sure my sauce has more flavor

and thicker.

New Awesome Sweeps for you!

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that is it for now.  I will check some other places and post a new post or add to this one. 

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

6 simple things women can do for themselves

We women are always on the go, and are always taking care of everyone else.  So this blog entry is dedicated to ideas for MOM.  As it is titled.  I encourage all my readers, all 5 of you to comment with your ideas as well in the comments.

Read a book:  Find your favorite kind.  Go looking for one in your favorite book store, some are found in used book stores.  If yours is an e book, find your favorite way to read it, and enjoy.  Spend some time to wind down.  Do it as your nightly routine.

Take a walk around the block or two:   This is my favorite time of year, before fall actually occurs.  It's not too hot, or cold.  A leisurely walk can help clear the mind of worries or thoughts that have consumed us during our busy day.  Take your companion, pet for a walk too. Perhaps he or she, can be your walking buddy.  If you are into walking, find a group that walks in your neighborhood.  Sometimes groups such as these can form on face book, and you won't have to look far for a walking buddy.

Exercise:  Like walking around the block, this can help clear our minds.  A little more time would be involved though.  Go to a gym, or use your own exercise equipment.  Not only does exercise relieve stress, help us socialize, (if we go to the gym), but it also helps exercise our minds as well.

Have a hobby:  Develop one, two or three things you like to do, other than those mentioned above.  Call it your "guilty pleasure." If that includes watching your favorite t.v. show, having an hour on your favorite streaming channel, such as netflix, or simply playing online bingo.  Do it!  Of course, double the fun and go out and play cards or bingo with friends.

Get a mani/pedi:  nothing feels as good as feeling and being pampered!  If your feet can tolerate a pedicure, why not pamper them?  Our feet can be the most abused appendages on our body, especially for women.  We walk barefoot, we wear flip flops, we wears heels, we are on our feet all day.  Why not pamper them!  Be good to our hands too!

Have a good soak!  I love a good bubble bath, with a good book.  Sometimes I get the jet streams going.  There is nothing that helps my sore back then a nice hot bath.  In fact, I may do just that.  Relaxing is good brain exercise as is a cross word puzzle.

Relaxation lowers your blood pressure, stress, blood sugars and improves digestion.  Taking a breather for yourself is going to help prevent depression, and improve memory just by giving those brain cells a moment!

I am going to go for my soak, relax take a nice hot soak, and improve my immune system all at the same time!  I hope these suggestions help you, and comment below with some more!

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Sweepstakes to enter!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Chinese casserole

So I am getting time to do some blogging.  No one would know this but I actually like cooking.  

I don't always have time to cook because of my demanding job.  My mom would joke with my

friends, and say "Carole can't cook anything that doesn't come out of a box."  Thanks mom,

and don't get me started on what she used to say about my younger siblings, little do they know.

However, mom did give me some tips and recipes, one of her most favorite was Chinese 

casserole.  By the name of it, one would think it's chinese food.  It isn't, it's american.  The

recipe is below, and sorry I don't have any pics!  My brother John loved this food.  It's very

easy, and anyone can make it, I assure you.  


1 lb ground beef, pork or turkey  ( I use pork hubby can't have beef)

2 cans cream of mushroom

rice ( you can use white or brown, your choice)

small onion



celery (optional)

chow mein noodles ( for topping)

1.  brown meat, and season with salt and pepper.  I use kosher salt, but any salt will do.

 2.  chop small onion and add to meat.  Chop celery and add to meat.

  3.  3 cups of rice or more, you can decide how much rice to add.  I cook the rice first.  

   4.  add all ingredients into casserole dish.  DO not add water to the soup.

Mix everything.  Bake at 425 for 30 mins, and add chow mein noodles to top and bake for added 5 mins.  Enjoy

so why do we put it in the oven, to bake it, make it and take it!  Let me know how you like it.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

My blogging daughter

Hello blogging world!  I just looked at my daughters blog  It has many punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes.  However, I do not want to discourage my beautiful girl.  She is determined to make her mark in this world, be an engineer, conquer the world.  What mom wouldn't be happy with that?  Certainly not this mom!

This is Becky, who is 15 and wants to be an engineer.  Abby, my oldest is 18 and will be going to Joliet Junior College.   She told me she is "grown"  How many of you have heard this  I am going to try and post more pictures of my "grown"  kids.  How come I can't get my "grown" kids to clean their rooms?

Now this is Abby with my two nieces, Katie and Samantha.  Brings back good memories.   They also told me they were "grown" at Abbys' ages.
3 beautiful girls here.

This was a couple years ago, when Becca was in the gnome play!  She was on the front page of our local newspaper, The Herald.   You can keep up with her blog, and it is called Becky bloggers.  I have a blog about Abby too  I haven't blogged in it in a long time, but I will catch up

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

6 Strategies to Help you Cope after Losing a Patient

6 Strategies to Help you Cope after Losing a Patient: Every profession comes with its share of stressful situations. But a missed deadline here or a difficult encounter with the boss there hardly compares to the heaviness that can set in when a nurse...

I put this article in here because I am a nurse.  I believe all these points are relevant and helpful to new grads and nurses who have been in the field.  Enjoy!

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