Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sweeps for the Holidaze!

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mom was right!

I never thought I'd say it.  Never did I think I'd admit my mother was right about some things.  I'm still finding out about all the things she really was right about.  Recently I read an article in the AAA Living magazine.  Yep I'm that old!  I read everything.  In this magazine AAA living
5,376 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in 2015.  In 2016 15% of all motor vehicle deaths were pedestrians.  In the first 6 months of 2016, 2,660 pedestrian deaths occurred.  Mom was right, she always told us to be aware of our surroundings, not only for traffic but for other dangers, such as kidnapping, and robberies.   Today, we need to teach cell phone safety.  In other words, no chatting or browsing face book while walking around traffic.  Be vigilant, and not always on the phone while walking around.  The same dangers exist now, as they did when I was a teen    In 2015 74% of accidents with pedestrians occurred during dark times.  This is because drivers can't see pedestrians as well in the dark.  This is so true!  Recently I had someone dart across my driveway as I was pulling in.  They looked at me as if it were my fault, however, this pedestrian should have been wearing brightly colored clothes so he could be seen easier.  Fortunately, for the both of us, I was able to see him, and stop abruptly to avoid hitting him.  

My mother always taught me to cross at stoplights.  When I was about 10, I'd beg her to let me cross the busy streets in the middle like the other kids.  I didn't get to cross 53 until I was about 10.  She was right.  If you must cross an intersection without a stop light, wait until the traffic eases, and never assume the driver knows you are there.    Lastly, if you need to walk in the street because there are no sidewalks, walk facing oncoming traffic so you can protect yourself.  The walker wants to make eye contact with oncoming traffic so to make swift judgements about actions to take if necessary.  

When mom is right, mom is right.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

New Sweeps to me! and some sheenigans! most sweeps end in 1 week

Good Saturday morning to all of my readers!!!  ( all 3 of you, lol)

Today is Saturday 9/23/17 and we have a busy Saturday planned.  I have to work of course, and

have a company picnic.  I have another obligation I can not tell you about just yet as of posting

of this blog but I will have pictures later!  Hopefully!  Also, my daughter will be going to a 

home coming dance tonight.  Until then, I have posted sweeps that are new to me.

I may add some instagram posts in here later too!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Halloween sweeps around the net and more!!

Here are some additional sweeps that I've found around the net.  The holidays always bring joy and fun.  Enjoy these sweepstakes, and good luck.  I will also post my group, pinterest and twitter so you can follow me as well!

This is my facebook sweepstakes group.  Please answer the three questions.  and come in and enjoy!

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Here is my pinterest page.  I have a giveaway board and a sweepstakes board.

USE THEM!!!  9 days left

Sunday, September 17, 2017

My review of Baked Ziti:

Well my family ate the hell out of this meal.  I paired it with sauteed zucchini and tomatoes.  It

could have been better.  My sauce did not come out like it should.  I don't know if I need to 

add less fluid or not.  Maybe read the instructions better.

Next time it will be better!  It is a filling casserole, and I definitely needed more cheese.  It

needed more flavor for me.  So I think I will make sure my sauce has more flavor

and thicker.

New Awesome Sweeps for you!

Don't delay in entering these.  Some are over in 2 weeks, some may be longer.  I will try to put 

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that is it for now.  I will check some other places and post a new post or add to this one. 

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