Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Awesome businesses

You can, and while I'm not making huge bundles of money, I have made 5 sales with these two businesses in the past 2 mos. That's not easy, but I do think I have two very unique businesses to brag about. Designs by Kim twiss and Guyz Giftz, both unique, and there's not a rep on every corner. Both have great owners and are wahms, just like you. Here's what's in store

All summer long you can save 15% by using the code summerfun, and our signups for this biz are FREE!

Great customer products with the small business in mind!

A design by Kim offers wonderful quality and prices that any small business can afford! Each graphic is designed with your ideas in mind. Everything from advertising banners, logos, EStores templates, candy wrappers and so much more for your business.

Gold Custom Template

-2 page template

-Your name on title graphic

- (1) custom made logo

- (2) 468x60 banner

- (2) 125x125 banner

- (2) 88x30 banner

-Splash page/Landing page

Includes: all html coding and matching

navigation buttons if needed.

Our Price: $85.00
Custom Business Set

These sets are custom made to match your site or business.

Each banner set comes with:

(1) Business Logo

(1) 88x31 plug-size button

(2) 125x125 banner

(2) 468x60 banner

Our Price: $45.00

Frequent Buyer Cards - Our Price: $4.50

Personal Letterheads - Our Price: $3.50

Personal Filler Cards - Our Price: $5.50

Company Half Page Fliers - Our Price: $7.50

Company Biz Cards - Our Price: $5.50

Contact your local

Design Consultant for more information!

Design Consultant Name

Email – Phone Number

Consultant affiliate url

Auction Templates and Logos!

Great for EBay! Spice up your auction!

Pre-made auction templates start at $8.99. Pre-made logos start at $5.99!

Custom Auction Templates are $20.00 per set!!

Use my link to order NOW!

and order anything from guyzgiftz, and get a $5 gc for your next purchase

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