Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spotlight on Mineral Makeup

With so many Mineral Make up companies out there.....

How do you know which one to choose? Does Freebie sound good? How about free shipping with orders over $15? Furthermore how about some tips on how to use our makeup for you? Take a look below.

Flawless Foundation Coverage In 7 Steps
1. Start with a clean, dry face. If you feel you need extra moisturizer, apply first and wait ten minutes before applying Monet Minerals. Or, for extra coverage, you can mix some of your moisturizer and Monet Minerals Foundation on the top of your hand and apply it like liquid makeup using your fingertips. This way works great as a liquid concealer.
2. If you wear concealer, use a concealer brush and apply it first (your mineral foundation can be used as a concealer).
3. Unscrew the cover to your Mineral Foundation and place your Kabuki brush over the sifter holes. Gently turn it upside down and shake it so that some of the minerals get on to the brush.
4. Turn your Kabuki brush upside down and tap the handle on a counter or other hard surface, allowing the minerals to settle down into the brush.
5. Apply to your face and neck using circular strokes. Do not buff into your skin. Nothing should ever be forced into your pores.
6. Allow Monet Minerals to work with the warmth of your skin for 10 minutes. If at that time you need more coverage, repeat.
7. If you would like a finished matte look, end with one of Monet’s Mineral Veils. Veils can also be used as a foundation if you need less coverage.

tips are from MONET MINERALS mineral makeup company.
More on benefits of mineral makeup to come!

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Monet Minerals is also working on a skin care line, and little girls line.
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