Friday, August 29, 2008

To spree or not to spree, that is the question

We all need sales. Anyone sellling anything needs sales. But how does one go about it. Of course, the traditional ways, pounding the pavement, and going door to door. No one likes to do that though. Today door to door salesmen are seen as intrusive and sometimes shady. Online sales are bogged down by the number of wahm women wanting to gain an income for their families. Who can blame them, it is a cruel world in the corporate arena. And getting nastier. The online arena is becoming increasingly popular, and tougher to gain just a 2.00 sale. Therefore, women have turned to spree and shopping groups to try to keep up with their monthly, quarterly or yearly quotas. But are these groups functional and productive? The goal of direct sales, in my opinion is to make some extra money. Unless you have a downline of 400 people, who have the same goal as you, the direct saleswoman will only make some spare change. This is one reason these groups have become popular. However, being in these groups doesn't guarentee anyone a sale. Many times women/men will drop out without putting the agreed sale into the consultant that is due the sale. Being in these groups does not guarentee you repeated sales either. I've been in shopping and spree groups. It is like back peddaling into an upstream river. Albeit, the group of well intentioned woman is to help one another, it rarely turns out that way. And what if someone is dissatisfied with you, then they go to the proverbial complaint dept, and complain as to what they deem as inapropriate. Sometimes it can be very disconcerting if the complaint isn't warranted. The key to any sale is in getting a person to like and trust you. One does this by communication. Talking to people 1, 2, or 3 at a time will help develop a bond and actually get someone to buy your product. Joining a shopping or spree group just puts a bandaid on a growing problem of quotas, and a bad economy.Carole

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Shelby-WAHM said...

I agree. I found I was spending more money than I was making!