Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My New years resolution

I don't ever abide by them, keep them, or truly make them. But something has got to be done! My health has gone to pot. I'm not sick, but I surely could take much better care of myself. This year, the end of the year is when I'm getting all my check ups done. That shouldn't happen. I just got my teeth cleaned, and have to have one removed. Why, simply put, I put everyone ahead of me.

I love my new job, but sometimes it can be too much. It's alot of paperwork, but I truly love the fact, that for the most part I'm autonomous. I like the fact, that the majority of the doctors aren't trying to throw me under the bus, or calling me foul names. And most importantly I don't share a job with other nurses who are trying to eat their young. I have two dons that truly care about the agencies, and I believe want to see all succeed. That is a good feeling. But my health must come first. (yes after abby becca and chuck, but before my patients) I did join a gym, which I will go to shortly to try to loose some pounds. I have to eat correctly also, and get my left shoulder fixed. I couldn't do the closed mri, so I will have to go to an open mri to get my left shoulder looked at. ( I fell at walt disney world) I do get plenty of me time....thank goodness. I have my blog, my fellow bloggers, face book and twitter.

So I resolve to take better care of me in 2010, the rest will fall into place. What about you, do YOU have a new years resolution?

Til next time.


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My Bizzy World said...

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