Saturday, July 3, 2010

Childhood ambitions

Wow! I finally have the time to take one of the bloggy challenges! The challenge of course is childhood ambitions. The big question is, did I ever think I would be where I am today or not? Let's take a walk down my childhood dream wish list of ambitious professions shall we. Feel free my Harris family to take the walk with me, and see if you can tell exactly where it is, was and how I met your mother....LOL....(yes a little pun on the show.)

Well at the age of 7 I began playing the piano. I'm not really sure how I got started, I just remember working with the nun in my elementary school. This is where I think I got my musical ambition and dream to play musical instruments. I later went on to play more piano, although on my own. I played the organ at my cousins, and I learned the flute and guitar later. I played my guitar until it got stepped on by my brother. I now have a piano in my home, and have since taken some more lessons, and can play a little...I still would like to be more proficient. My daughters are also interested in playing.

As I went further into elementary school, we (me and my best friends) dreamed of many things. We dreamed of being nurses, or for me writers and even actresses. I wanted to be a dancer at one point until I found out I had scoliosis. That crashed that dream for some reason.

My sister and I would practice doing tooth paste commmercials in front of the mirror. It was fun and something to do. I still believe there was a missed opportunity for my sister....In her younger days she really should have been a model! (my sils too)

In Junior high, at the last minute I worked on the year book. Because I was such a last minute decider, my picture wasn't taken. I thought I would want to work on something like that or a newspaper. So in high school I thought I would work on the school newspaper. But, because I didn't have a lot of encouragement, I was too scared to go for it. Shame, because I really did want to become a writer! I still can do it at my age however. I tell my children you can do whatever you want, and am forever their cheerleader. Even though I never made cheerleader in junior high, and yes, I did try out...I am my childrens cheerleader as every parent should be.

In highschool, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I took a bunch of business courses. To tell you the truth, my future looked grim. Alot of kids were on drugs, and those I didn't really know talked about college. So my dream or ambition at that time was to go to college. Why did my future look grim? My family had never really prepared for me to go to college. It was never discussed, or even thought of. My parents didn't think about it and didn't plan or put any money away for me, and they didn't allow me to drive. That prevented me from getting a decent job to put money away for my self. My older brother had gone to JJC, but had dropped out, and that was the end of college days, or so my family thought.

I got a pell grant to start off my college days, and I got very lucky. I didn't do well in junior college for a long time. I dropped out, failed out....wondered if I made the right decisions, when really the trick for me to do well was to be around people who wanted me to succeed! I made it through the nursing program at JJC.

In 1991, I graduated, and I met the love of my life. OOPS, I forgot,,....when I was little, I absolutely dreamed of having the big wedding and the white dress...which I did do! Three years later, after I graduated I married Chuck....Edward Charles Harris....(ya can't tell when I met my mil?) (me neither, for another time I suppose)
I also dreamed of being a photographer, and have to admit, that some of my pictures aren't too bad!

I didn't become the actress that I wanted, but, I help my daughters now practice their plays, and one day, who knows I may even get a chance!

As far as a writer, well I blog, and write reviews, and market for my business. That's a lot of writing. I do plan to write some books, I need to be a little more focused then what I am now however.

Right now I am happy at where I am. I got offered a great job, and if I can take it I will. IF I can't, I'm still happy! I am a nurse, and it's a great job. I am a mom first, and it's an awesome job. I am a wife and it's a worrisome job. I am a friend and facebooker and those are fun jobs. I have many jobs, and look to more in the future.

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