Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our mini vacation

It was lovely, pictures pending. It was obvious, my husbands goal was to get me out walking. God bless his soul. I really had seen enough zoos in my lifetime, so when we went to the milwaukee zoo, it was not my cup of tea, but he did go into the little houses with the girls. Becca was a little ball of energy. She's great.

We went to the Discovery Center first. My back was really bothering me and I had masssive cramps. I was not much fun that day. Chuck abby and becca all had fun.

The water park at the Hilton was only open on the weekend. I found a swim suit at Catherines so I could be in the water with the girls if needed. It's really a water park for 12 and under. The girls LOVED it. I loved the hot tub which I dipped into the 2nd day. It was quite lovely. YEP! LOL. The last night Becca was wide awake. She knew there was a fitness center on the floor, and mom had promised she could exercise with her. Boy was she bound and determined to find this fitness center. So we went, and this security guard came in and said "we really don't let the kids play on the equipment" I said she isn't playing, she's using the treadmill and exercising. I believe in having my kids get some exercise. She's a great kid, and we didn't stay there long due to the time of day...It was around 2 am....we wanted to exercise the food off that came with the room service....tee hee...
In Aug we may go on another mini vacation.....where should we go? you know for a weekend....I was thinking about even staying in chi town for the weekend...there is just so much to do!

Put your suggestions below....if you know of a good vacation spot and one for kids 12 and 9 put them below...thanks so much..

Until next time.....

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