Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waking up fresh/starting anew

OK, so I got a new computer, new clothes, new glasses. (yes I found out I really need bifocals, but too vain to get them). I haven't felt well for months, and have been through a few jobs recently. (nice job carole) Well I am fortunate that I chose a career that is pretty much recession proof in that nurses are needed everywhere, it is findinging a place for little ole me that feels not so paranoid. Which isn't easy. Not easy at all.

Progress on Chuck: He went back to the toolbox. He has just started this. He seems much happier not being in management.

The girls: Still waiting for public school to evaluate Becca. Take your time, the school year is almost over now! And thinking of getting Abby vocal/singing lessons although with her behavior...*sigh*....just in the morning....what a grouch. None of us girls are morning people....ESP Abby. Enuff said. And how are you waking up fresh?

Until next time.....


Lin said...

Its good having new things! Your in a wonderful profession, I so admire nurses :)

Clayton Thomas said...

Life seems all over the place for you at the moment. Hope it calms down. Following on Twitter. All the best!

twitter: @claylauren2001