Friday, July 29, 2011

Awesome children

I have to admit, I have little to complain about with my two daughters. Their one flaw is every kids flaw, and that is their messy rooms. Sure my oldest has a salty mouth at times, but she gets alot from all around. Patience is a virtue, too bad the schools don't have it. I realize they must be strict there, but every one I talk too, and in different school systems has a negative thing to say about public schools. So I don't feel bad. So why are my kids awesome. It took some time, but they are actually starting to help out in the house. They actually like doing some of the house work. Now, I am not naive. I know there is something behind allowance, and being able to get candy with the money they earned. What's wrong with that if they brush their teeth? And finally I am getting Becca to take a bath! I've never seen a girl not wanting to take a bath, but tv had its dark hold on her. They are great girls. Once in a while, I get a whine from them, but for the past couple of weeks their dad has been home, and that does help. I have them doing dishes, cleaning their rooms, taking out the trash and the dog, and cleaning their rooms, cleaning the living room as well. Hey, when mom works, everyone must help out, and Abby is even learning how to do laundry, awesome kids! I can't complain!

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